The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer Breakdown

Close of of Jamie Foxx as Electro
Why so blue, Electro?

Howdy, Spider-Fans, The first awesome action trailer for Amazing Spider-Man 2 has dropped and the internet has rejoiced and recoiled in equal amounts on message boards and comment threads all over the world wild web.

And just in case there are any of you out there who haven’t already watched and rewatched this thing a couple dozen times already, here’s a quick rundown of all the happenings in this trailer.

We begin with Spidey falling through the air towards the ground then webbing up at the last minute to save himself/swing through the air so that he doesn’t end up as a spidey-flavored pavement pizza. A bit predicable, but hey it also provided some sweet visuals.

Then we get Peter Parker sans-costume sitting atop a skyscraper with some voice-over narrative where he mopes about how saving the world is just bringing about more goons and psychos that want to kill him. If he thinks he’s got it bad, he should really take a look at Batman’s rogue gallery. Those guys put yahoos like Stilt-Man, Swarm, Big Wheel and Spidercide to shame. Good thing none of those clowns make any sort of appearance in this trailer and hopefully will steer clear of the movie franchise altogether.

Ugh, could you imagine Amazing Spider-Man 3 with The Sinister Six featuring Stilt-Man? People would riot.

Moving on.

Paul Giamatti sans Rhino Armor
Best thing to happen to Spider-Man since getting bitten.

We then get some fast and generically menacing close ups of The Rhino’s armored head, The  back-of The Green Goblin’s head complete with the haircut he stole from Sting and then Jamie Foxx’s blue electric-filled fist.

Some flirty banter with Emma Stone follows with an awesome slow-motion snippet of Spidey lunging towards a machine-gun toting Paul Giamatti with some kind of head-tattoo and a track suit that makes him more like a rejected Punisher villain than the guy who is going to be Rhino.

But seriously, Paul Giamatti, talk about one of the best possible actors to choose for a Spider-Man villain ever. I could not be more excited if I was on some kind of medication that they put people on when they can no longer get excited naturally.

Then a little convo between Petey Parker and a Harry Osborn that looks more like a ferret with a Draco Malfoy haircut than an actual human being. Let’s just call that an interesting casting choice and leave it at that.

Then a couple more menacing and foreboding conversations, a really menacing voice-over by Electro, some generically epic action footage accompanied by equally epic stock-action-movie music and that’s a wrap kiddos.

But don’t take my word for it, go ahead and give it a look-see yourself and tell us what you think!

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