The Area 51 ‘Raid’ Will Be Televised

Welcome to the Area 51 Live-Stream

Do you believe in UFOs? I want to believe. So do 1.5 million people, according to the “attendee” numbers of “Storm Area 51”. What started off as a bad joke now threatens to spin out of control. Will the raid be just a harmless prank? Could gatherers actually attempt to storm the infamous military base? And why, all of a sudden, the revived interest in Area 51?

In order to answer these questions, it needs to be understood that this story begins and ends with a man named Bob Lazar. In the late ’80s, he claimed to have worked on a secret military base called S4, adjacent to Area 51. Lazar asserts that he reverse-engineered flight/propulsion technology on alien spacecraft. Sadly, there is little evidence to support this. But, believe him or not, Lazar is undoubtedly responsible for bringing the idea of Area 51 to light. You can watch his documentary Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers on Netflix. 

“We must ask ourselves…are they really a hoax? Are we truly alone? Or are we being lied to?”

Bob Lazar - photo by Dudeanatortron
Bob Lazar

photo by Dudeanatortron via Wikimedia Commons

Just last month Bob Lazar appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience to once again share his incredible story with Joe and his listeners. It was 2 hours of some of the wildest, most mind-bending, potentially paradigm-shifting discussion that has ever taken place on JRE—and that’s saying something. Within a week, the “Storm Area 51” raid had exploded, catching the internet and social media by storm. 

If you’re wondering how it’s all going to go down, a recent article by Geek Tyrant explains you’ll be able to live-stream the whole thing:

“Whatever happens on September 20th, we’ll be able to watch it unfold because the big event is going to be live-streamed! The live stream comes thanks to the Twitter account AREA15, which is an upcoming entertainment and retail center opening up in the Las Vegas Strip sometime in late 2019.”

“The truth is out there.”

Joke or no joke, this is an incredibly bad idea. While I think it highly likely that this “movement” will go the same way as “Vote or DIE” or “Occupy Wall Street”, I also think it prudent to stress, for your own safety, how outright STUPID it is to “storm” a US military base. People have been shot and killed for a lot less. Be smart. Be safe. Believe.

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