A First Look At The New Batmobile

 The Fast and Furious Batman


Matt Reeves decided to throw the whole nerd-verse into overdrive by dropping the first look images of the new Batmobile for his upcoming The Batman – starring good ole Robert Pattison. Previously we had gotten looks at the Batcycle through some leaked set photos, but this is the first wave of onset photos we will be getting during the entirety of the film’s production. 

The look of the car brings back some Tim Burton vibes. Mixed in with a little Fast and the Furious thrown in there for good measures. Seriously, the people who are saying this looks like a realistic, muscled-up, gritty take on the Batmobile is tripping. The engine on this thing is ridiculous! I’m not a car person, but I can’t wait to hear that baby purr… too much? 

The Batsuit is Sexy

We even get a better look at Pattison in his full Batsuit. Which I’m digging! It looks like a cross between the Scott Snyder runs with a bit of the Christopher Nolan.

Overall, it seems like the version of Batman Matt Reeves will be delivering is somewhere between the Burton and Nolan version. I know that sounds vague. It needs to look comic booky enough, but without going too campy. What better way to do that than combing everybody’s two favorite versions of live action Batman? 

Answer- There is no better way!

What I’m Hoping For

All over the internet people are clamoring for what they want out of this new Batman. Some people want Bats to go back to his detective days. Others want a crazy action movie. Many finally want to see a good take on the Robin character. All I want is a movie that I can walk out of the theater having had a good time and shows everyone involved had fun making it. Because being a nerd is fun. Let’s enjoy it.

Sound Off

Who’s been your favorite so far? Do you want to go for a joy ride in this Batmobile? Will Jason Todd try to steal these hubcaps? All I know is I’m team #PatBat all day everyday! Can’t wait to see this movie!




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