The Batman Trailer Premieres At DC Fandome


Batman Begins In New Trailer


The Batman finally revealed some footage this past weekend at DC FanDome. Director Matt Reeves was on hand along with a message from star Robert Pattinson to delve into the making of the film. Reeves, along with host Alisha Tyler, delved into the film’s production and answered fan questions. Reeves also confirmed that this would be a separate storyline from the main DC Movies universe. Before debuting the trailer, Reeves revealed that only 25-30 percent of the filming had been completed. However, it appears enough was done to give viewers a tantalizing look into the highly anticipated film.


Bats, Cats, Penguins, and Riddles Galore

Starting with Paul Dano’s incredibly creepy Riddler, it appears this will be a gritty take on the characters while still embracing some comic book roots. This will also be the first film in a long time if ever, that will force Batman to use more of his detective skills. Robert Pattinson looks imposing in the new Bat-suit while being also the first Batman to seemingly embrace the greasepaint that goes under the cowl. Zoe Kravitz already looks slinky and sly as the nascent Catwoman and is more than a match in a fight against Batman. Colin Farrell is almost unrecognizable as the mobster who will be Penguin; a credit to an amazing team of prosthetic makers.

Jeffery Wright already looks like he will be an amazing Jim Gordon. Unfortunately, while we hear Andy Serkis’ Alfred, we don’t have any footage of him. The Batmobile looks great in action as it roars down a street in a chase scene against Farrell’s Penguin. The fight choreography is also well down, with Pattinson’s Batman showing barely controlled rage in a beatdown reminiscent of the Arkham video games franchise.

So far, this looks like a stylishly slick superhero thriller that, unlike Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, seems more than ready to embrace the comic book roots while having a gritty and grounded style.

The Batman is set to debut in 2021. No information as of yet if he has to find all those freaking Riddler trophies to solve the case.

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