The Best Entertainment Apps to Download in 2020


There are some great entertainment apps available to download this year, whether you’re into gaming, photography or books. You can use an app for all types of hobbies and interests. It’s a great portable option for example if you go away on vacation or have a long commute. There is a range of free ones as well so you don’t have to worry about spending megabucks. The examples here are suitable for Android.


This is Google’s main new gaming app and it works by streaming games online. This is perfect if you’re into video games because you can play them anywhere on your phone. Stadia allows AAA, console and PC games to be transferred to your phone, TV, laptop or tablet without using any hardware. Google does all the work for you and streams the game off the internet. You can play one game over different devices and just pick up online where you last left off. The only drawback is that you need a fast wifi connection in order to stream the games, but they don’t need to be downloaded. Quality-wise is you have a Google Pixel 4, for example, you can play games as advanced as X box one, so it’s like having a portable console. It’s an excellent advantage to those who spend a lot of time traveling, either to work or school.

YouTube Kids

The Best Entertainment Apps to Download in 2020This is a way for parents to control what their children watch on YouTube. Parents can filter the content for the appropriate age of each individual child, as you can set up different user profiles. This a great perk because you can choose a different material for each child, depending on their age and interests. You can also set a time limit and choose other controls over the wide variety of content available. You can control if your child can view the browsing history, or if you want you can block them from searching themselves. The app also vets certain channels you can easily find content you can trust. The app is bright and easy to use.

Trill Project

Trill project is a kind of anonymous social network that facilitates networking allowing you to post and comment on different topics without a profile picture or name. You can even message people in private. There has been some research into anonymous apps causing more cyberbullying and abuse but here the content is heavily moderated so it’s more secure. There’s also a real sense of community and users tend to be more supportive. In general, the focus is as well on more sensitive subjects such as mental health, sexuality, and loneliness but there is still a wide range of lighter material to go through. Many users prefer the anonymity that Trill Project offers.


For book lovers this a perfect app to download this year. You have the option to look up as many books as you like and also to log and review them. Goodreads also generates recommendations for you depending on what you’ve looked at already and previous authors and sends you notifications of these. It also has a social aspect and you can talk to people, make friends and join discussion groups. This is a great way for book worms to connect and you can share literature and reviews. There are also ratings on the app from other users for each book you look up. There is a very wide range of books of different genres so it’s thoroughly enjoyable for any reader.

TIME Immersive

The Best Entertainment Apps to Download in 2020For those of you more interested in real news than fictional books this app could be more suitable for you. TIME Immersive allows you to use virtual or augmented reality to project news stories onto a flat surface and interact with the media. You will have accompanying photos, videos, and narration while you view from above and can move the phone and tap on different points you are interested in for more detailed information.


This is yet another variation on story reading. Unrd is a new app that is quite unique. It’s quite similar to a game in some respects and is based around following characters and a story. In a sense you get to live as a different person, you become a character and enter into their life. There is even a fake phone interface on-screen which belongs to your character. A story is then unraveled and they are the protagonist. You then receive messages for them which you can open and read. There are also multimedia messages such as video, audio, and photos. The messages also arrive in real-time, and this can continue over a number of days. All of these put together a story that engages the reader.


Depop has grown in popularity with the increase in the interest in second hand and vintage clothing. This is trending nowadays because it is a more sustainable option and many people prefer to go vintage rather than wasting a lot of money on new clothes and the textile industry which is responsible for a lot of emissions that are damaging to the planet. It works quite a lot like eBay as in you can buy and sell second-hand items to individuals. It is very easy to use and cheap. There are many other products available of course, and not just clothing. You can also find music, books, technology, and jewelry, or pretty much anything you’re looking for.

VLC for Android

This is one of the best video players and it is just as good on your mobile as it is on your PC. You can use VLC to play movies and other videos and the quality is excellent. You can also vary the quality and screen size. There are many settings for you to feel at ease. It’s also very user-friendly. You might not like the bright orange cone icon but it’s pretty memorable and stands out. You can comfortably watch anything on your phone, wherever you go.


Soon is an app used by you in order to plan your social life, hobbies, and interests. It works by creating lists for you and keeping track of your favorite things. How it works exactly is that you type in a movie you want to see for example and it comes up with more relevant and useful information such as cinema addresses and times, and details about the actors and production and also reviews of the film. If you’re looking up a restaurant it also finds this for you and again tells you where it is and other important information. It works as well for music and books and other sources of entertainment. You can just simply click on a category, such as “music” for example and it gives you all the information and you can store this for future reference.


The Best Entertainment Apps to Download in 2020Netflix has become a household and it’s part of most people’s daily routine. The great thing is if you have a Netflix account you can download it onto your mobile as well for free. This allows you to continue to stream all your favorite shows when you are on the go.

Elements of Photography

Most phone cameras are pretty easy to use and produce good enough quality photos. For any of you who are interested in more professional photography then Elements of Photography could be for you. This is a good opportunity for those camera enthusiasts to learn some real skills. With Elements of Photography, you can take tutorials on Photography and learn how to take some great photos. There are nice little bite-size chunks of information and helpful pictures and diagrams to teach you things about shutter speed, composition, and other techniques.


If gardening is what you love but you find it difficult to take care of all your plants, this app is the one for you. It gives you all the information you need in order to give your plants the right amount of light, heat, and water, according to their type. Smartplant has an extensive library of information about different species of plants. You can enter your plants into a database that creates a plant diary for you. You follow the calendar and notifications in order to know when to water each plant for example. If you want to pay for a monthly $3.99 subscription you can also take part in a live chat with experts.

So you have several options to look into this year, hopefully, there’s something for everyone, that will suit your main interests. It’s important however to make sure your phone is compatible with the app and that you are getting good internet service. If you’re considering changing it might be cheaper to go for a pay as you go sim. This might work out easier. Make sure you also have enough data to play with all your new apps! You can look into an upgrade as well as there are many package deals.

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