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The Best Mobile Games of 2013

By Dean Cope


While a year ago most smartphone gamers spent their time playing simple titles like “Angry Birds,” mobile gaming is quickly evolving. According to Gartner, mobile games are the fastest growing segment of the video game market, with projected revenue predicted to almost double from $13 billion to $22 billion by 2015. Mobile games have grown up, and here are four best mobile games of 2013:

The Drowning

Unlike most first-person shooters for iOS, which use a “virtual joystick” to control your character, “The Drowning” by DeNA Studios features a tap-to-move system that allows you to keep your eye on enemies and move simultaneously. This two-finger shooting and moving system allows for pinpoint accuracy and swift movement. This unique control scheme, coupled with graphics that seem right out of a next-gen console, make “The Drowning” an incredible experience for iOS. Best of all, it’s free.

Dead Space

Electronic Arts’ “Dead Space” franchise has already been a huge success, with three games for multiple consoles and an animated film. It’s debut for mobile devices is equally stunning, with graphics that push the iOS and Android operating system to new limits. “Dead Space” for mobile devices features a new story that ties in with the previous games, and features the same terrifying game play as previous titles. Featuring a Survival Mode that allows players to see how long they can stand against the endless hordes of monsters, “Dead Space” may also be the last installment in the series. Eurogamer reports there is speculation that the poor international sales of “Dead Space 3” may lead to the franchise’s death, which at one point even sparked a flame war with EA representatives. True “Dead Space” fans should grab this title while they can.

Dead Space is available for both iOS devices and Android devices.

Jewel Quest

First developed for the PC, “Jewel Quest” has since spread across multiple consoles and mobile devices, and even features a series of spin-off games. A “match 3”-style puzzle game, Jewel Quest adds the twist of trying to fill every space of the board with gold following a match. As the game progresses, game play becomes more complicated — boards change shape, some tokens must be matched multiple times to be removed, and more. You can find Jewel Quest at, and it’s many sequels and spin-offs are available for iOS, Android, and various home consoles.

Infinity Blade II

The original “Infinity Blade” helped redefine action gaming on the mobile device with it’s unique hack-and-slash mechanics. The “Infinity Blade” franchise has been one of the most successful mobile-gaming franchises around, and Game Informer reports that sales have surpassed $30 million. “Infinity Blade II” improves on the original by adding more enemy types, weapons, and options for character growth. With stunning graphics, it sets a standard in mobile action-adventure that could be impossible to unseat. “Infinity Blade II” is available exclusively for the iOS.



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