The Broadway Show The Prom Is Getting a Novel Treatment

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The Prom is Getting Turned into a Novel


The hit Broadway show The Prom is getting a novel treatment, that is to say, that they’re turning Prom into a novel. 

The Prom

The Prom has been breaking records and turning heads, and for all the right reasons. The show is extremely LGBT+ friendly, with an openly gay main character. Emma Nolan is the main character in the series, as is her girlfriend. Together they’re doing everything they can to find the right path for their relationship. While also navigating the less than welcoming atmosphere of their Indiana hometown.

The Adaptation

The Prom (Credit: Deen Van Meer)

The adaptation is unsurprisingly going to be a YA novel, which fits the theme and feel of the play. It’ll also make it more approachable for a younger audience, something that many feel will be very important.

Saundra Mitchell has been brought on board to write the adaptation. She is best known for Defy the Dark, and other children’s books that she has written.

Good news is that Mitchell worked closely with the original writers for Prom, Bob Martin, Chad Beguelin, and Matthew Sklar. That fact alone is enough to tell us that the novel is going to be true to the message and theme, even if other elements get changed. And elements will get changed – going from a musical to a novel is a dramatic change, so things will have to shift accordingly.

The Novel

We already know the rough layout of the novelization, thanks to it being what it is. Here’s a brief rundown of what to expect.

Emma is planning on taking a girl (Alyssa) to prom with her, and naturally, being that it is a small town, word gets out. Things rapidly spin out of control from there. Many of the townspeople respond with outrage, showing the small-mindedness of some towns in that area. Two Broadway stars (Barry Glickman and Dee Dee Allen) show up in town to try and help Emma out, only to unintentionally cause more of a stir.

The situation is made infinity more complex by the fact that Alyssa isn’t sure that she’s ready to come out yet – and considering that her mother is the head of the PTA, and an active antagonist in this plot.

Both the play and the novel do their best to show how difficult coming out can be in smaller, less welcoming towns. It also has a message of hope; that love will always persevere.

Other Adaptations

The novel isn’t the only adaptation heading our way. They recently made another major announcement. Prom is making its way to the small screen, in the form of a Netflix adaptation. It just goes to show how much of a hit this play has been and we’re looking forward to seeing it in all formats!


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