The Crow: Death And Rebirth #1

Even more star crossed lovers are doomed to be offed by the nastiest of nasty people as the latest comic adaptation of The Crow hits the shelves.

crow 3If you are not familiar with the now iconic story of The Crow then you really need to switch off World of Warcraft and climb out from under your nerd rock. The franchise shot to surprising fame with the 1994 movie adaptation, The Crow. Unfortunately, most of the movies notoriety came from the fact that lead actor Brandon Lee, son of Kung-Fu legend Bruce Lee, tragically lost his life during the filming of one of the movies many gun battles. But, as it turns out, the movie itself was good, very good in fact.

The story is centred around a young musician, Eric Draven, and his girlfriend, Shelly Webster, who are very much in love. Life takes an unfortunate turn for this young couple as a gang of thugs take it upon themselves to kill the young music man and his girlfriend. One year later, the musician is summoned back from the dead by a mysterious crow and he is able to  exact his revenge on the gang members who murdered him and his girlfriend.

Since the first film, there have been four sequels, books, comics and even a short lived TV show all telling pretty much the same story in a slightly different way. There are now even rumours of a remake of the original in the pipe line, but reports are sketchy and there appears to be a lot of legal difficulty. Anyway, on to this one.

crow12In this latest incarnation the curse of the Crow makes for Tokyo. Jamie Osterberg and Haruko Tatsumi are engaged and thoroughly in love (always a bad sign, they mustn’t have read the script). Haruko is receptionist for a mysterious corporation, Bio-Trope. The owners of said company have come up with an ingenious idea to survive the incurable ailments they are afflicted with. They are steeling the bodies of young nubile men and women and putting their own consciousnesses inside the young and healthy bodies, simple really. So when Haruko goes missing it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what’s in the post for Jamie!

Sarcasm aside, I love the crow story. The first movie is a classic and the first sequel isn’t too bad either. Although the story is more or less the same, the added body snatcher element is fascinating. It will be interesting to see where they go with it. If the conscious swapping process can be reversed, then the surviving partner will have to deal with the pain of loss as the Crow returns to the grave. If not will they be together in death? Only time will tell. Besides that. this is a great looking comic with a few more added story elements that should make this outing for the Crow very entertaining.

Check out The Crow: Death and Rebirth #1 from 11th July from all the regular places. Written by John Shirley, Art by Kevin Colden.


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  • I am really interested in this but also really apprehensive. I read the first series before the movie was even being made. It was one of the first comic books (outside of 80’s GI Joe and Transformers) I read and it moved me so deeply I wrote J. O’Barr a letter (and got a nice response). The movie was phenomenal too and I hope they do not remake it. But this story – being set in a different culture with a sorta of sci-fi futuristic theme may have something to add to it. Afterall, it’s not like it’s a total original story J. O’Barr came up with.

    As an aside, I even liked that 90’s shortlived tv show “The Crow Stairway to Heaven” starring Iron Chef’s Mark Dacascos (who has a nice little martial arts film catelog in his history). Just throwing that trivia out there.

  • I would advise a quick look at this book. It is looking to be a good take on the story. As far as a remake, that would also make me very sad; have a quick look at the Crow Wiki page. It looks to be almost certain. 🙁

    Also, loving the Crow knowledge. It is a great character in whatever guise it comes!

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