The Dark Knight Rises Countdown Begins With A New Trailer

The Dark Knight Rises into theaters on July 20.


There are only 30 days until Christopher Nolan’s epic Batman trilogy comes to an end, and the film’s producers (via Nokia) have released a brand new trailer. Clocking in at just over two minutes, the trailer introduces even more footage than we have seen in trailers over the past few months. And, hey, there is even an appearance by Lucius Fox, played by Morgan Freeman. I do not think we have seen that in trailers past. I, for one, am very glad that a new trailer has been released for The Dark Knight Rises, as I have gotten a bit tired of seeing the same spots over and over.
[youtube=] While the trailer does not answer any more of our questions, I think that it solidifies the fact that this will be an incredible film. To be honest, I think it introduces even more questions, especially about the ending of the film. We have debated this issue at length on Film Fans, but really, what will be the fate of the Batman? Will “Gotham’s reckoning” put and end to him? Will Bane be too much for Batman to handle? I want to see the movie just so I can find out how it all ends, as Nolan has gone on the record saying that there will not be a fourth film.

Are you excited for this movie? Get your advanced tickets now and then come back and tell us why you want to see it!

The Dark Knight rises into theaters on July 20.

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