The Drunken Nerd Builds His Own Justice League and Legion of Doom

A co-worker and I recently had a discussion about some of our favorite heroes and villains from the DC Universe. It was all sparked off a debate from an article we read on the Top DC villains, an article which we both found a touch poor to put it lightly. So, naturally our nerd conversation ensues;  back and forth banter between heroes and villains leads us into a debate about building our own Justice League or Legion of Doom. What heroes and villains would we hand-pick to form our lethal teams of good vs. evil? Well, lucky for you all I’m here, Rolling Rock in hand, ready to spill the beans on my hand-picked Justice League and my hand-crafted Legion of Doom. The only rule we implemented was that each team consist of just six members.  Be sure to leave some rebuttal comments, seeing this is my first article back in the saddle after a holiday hangover, I’m sure I may be a bit rusty round the edges.


Justice League

Batman: Clear-cut number one choice. Bruce Wayne has the financial means to fund the League plus he is a natural-born leader. Having the World’s Greatest Detective on the squad isn’t a bad thing either.

Captain Marvel: I’m not a Superman fan, but I understand the necessity to have such a powerful force on the squad, thus Capt. Marvel would be my Superman. He has nearly all of the same abilities plus hearing SHAZAM! just makes everything seem right.


Green Lantern: Hal Jordan is often underrated in my opinion. The power behind the ring is nearly unlimited and the man holding the ring is someone I think any hero could rally behind and fight alongside of.


Aquaman: He catches a lot of unnecessary heat from fans in my opinion. The Prince of Atlantis is a gamer. Ever since Aquaman lost his son to the Black Manta he has developed a nastier edge. An edge he didn’t have before and one that I believe makes Aquaman worthy of being on my Justice League. Consider the fact that the world is nearly covered by 70% water I think I’ll take the only superhero who can navigate such territory.


Green Arrow:  Oliver Green is an expert marksmen and a skilled tactician. Besides, just in case Wayne Enterprises goes bankrupt, I’d have Green’s family fortune to fall back on to fund my squad of heroes.


Supergirl: Yes, Supergirl, not Superman makes my list here. One, I felt I needed a female character in my Justice League line-up and unlike Superman I always felt Supergirl had a bit more of a dark side to her.  She always had a chip on her shoulder that made her way more dangerous than Superman, who I always felt held back.


Legion of Doom

The Joker: The Clown Prince of Crime is easily number one draft pick in this line-up. He’s a homicidal maniac who always has a plan, and more importantly always has a back-up (or better-put, an escape) plan.


Lex Luthor: A criminal mastermind who could legitimize the Legion of Doom into a publicly recognized name and brand. He may not have the best physical prowess or abilities, but he makes up for that with intelligence and massive amounts of dinero. I don’t think anyone could disagree with his place on this team.


Deathstroke the Terminator: The Legion of Doom is in the business of killing and so is Slade Wilson, and let me tell you – business is booming for this mercenary.


Doomsday: I simply can’t ignore the man who killed Superman. Although cloned from his powers, Doomsday is still arguably the most lethal villain in the DC Universe.


Sinestro: About as underrated a villain as the Green Lantern is a hero. Sinestro is a warrior at heart, but a megalomaniac who will stop at nothing to destroy the world around him. Add in the fact he also harnesses one of the most powerful weapons in the universe, the power of fear.


Bane: You always need muscle when you’re building a team of bad guys and Bane is the clear-cut favorite here. Doesn’t hurt either that Bane is as intelligent as he is deadly.


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  • Oliver Queen. 🙂 Overall I like your Justice League picks, though I’ve always liked Kyle and Guy more than Hal. And besides, having Batman, Guy, and Captain Marvel in the Justice League together again would be more entertaining.

    Why do you need Bane for muscle when you have Doomsday? And in any case, I don’t think you need six for this one: just the thought of Lex and Deathstroke working together sends shivers down my spine!


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