The Drunken Nerd: New Year’s Eve Edition

Well it is finally the end of the holiday season and more appropriately the end of another year. However, December 31st doesn’t just mark the final day of the year, it also marks the best holiday of the year, New Year’s Eve. Now hopefully most of you out there have a few parties and get-togethers to go to or maybe you the horrific obligation of hosting one. Either way, I have taken the liberty to compile a few New Year’s Eve party theme ideas for y’all – nerdly inspired of course. Naturally, I’ve paired each party theme with a well suited drink to match (courtesy of our friends at The Drunken Moogle).


One Party To Rule Them All (Lord Of The Rings Theme)

We all love Tolkien, so why not celebrate the last day of 2013 with a tribute to one of the best fantasy writers we have ever known. Throw in your LOR DVDs/blu-rays get some elfish-folk music on the stereo and have a blast. Maybe even pick up the latest LOR themed scene it game out there and challenge friends to see who really rules Middle Earth.

Drink of Choice:  One Ring (Shot) ½ ounce of Aftershock cinnamon schnapps, 1 ounce Galliano, sugar (optional round rim of shot glass)


lord of the rings


It’s An 8-Bit Party (Nintendo Theme)

Who doesn’t enjoy some an old-school gamer theme based on the video games we all grew up with? Put on some Daft Punk or The Greatest Bits (a DJ who actually re-mastered and mixed your favorite Nintendo inspired theme songs) and let the party start. Make some Mario-inspired stuffed mushrooms, grab the Super Nintendo, load up Super Mario Kart and party like it was 1992. If you don’t have Super NES anymore, well heck grab the WII, load up Mario Party, and party like its 2013!

Drink(s) of Choice:  Rainbow Road Cocktail (Super Mario Kart) – 4oz. Orange Juice, 1/2oz Gin, 1/2oz Grenadine, 1/2oz Rum, 3oz Vodka, and two splashes of Blue Curacao.

Red Potion (Legend of Zelda) – 8oz Cranberry juice, 1 ½ oz Kraken Black Spiced Rum, and a ½ oz of Tequila.




Friends Assemble (Marvel Theme)

Of course I have to throw a Marvel themed party on the list. The mega-blockbuster Avengers movie has gathered legions of fans outside of the nerd universe and who wouldn’t enjoy a little Marvel spice in their life. Have friends dress up like their favorite heroes/villains and load up on tons of Marvel inspired board games, Marvel Scene-It and video games like, Avengers: Battle for Earth on the Kinect. Nearly every Target/Wal-Mart has plenty of Marvel/Avengers’ decorations for your party, so any last minute planners don’t need to fret.

Drink of Choice: Incredible Hulks – ½ Hennessy, ½ Hypnotiq




A Gala Far, Far Away (Star Wars Theme)

Who wouldn’t want an excuse to watch Star Wars all night and talk everything force-related? Williams-Sonoma sells a bunch of Star Wars themed baking items for quick and easy freshly made cookies – which just happen to look like, Yoda. Play Star-Wars charades, pod-race with the kinect, and of course buy a bunch of light sabers at Toys “R” Us and have some Jedi and Sith duels out in your backyard (or living room – who cares).

Drink of Choice – Darth Vader Cocktail – All liquors involved share a 1/2oz ratio – gin, vodka, tequila, rum, triple sec, and Jagermiester. Also if available at your local beer distributor grab a case of Imperial Stout Trooper made by New England Brewing Company.


star wars poster

Gotham Knights (Batman Theme)

Another gem here, although this idea can be improvised a few different ways, one could continue the costume style theme majority of these party ideas entail or they could throw a Bruce Wanye-esque styled party and class it up a bit. Why not spend the last night of 2013 pretending we’re all part of Gotham’s high society. Have friends come over dressed up in suits/dresses and mingle like some Gotham City high-rollers. Get some Batman Pictionary going, kick back, and hire a butler named Alfred to fetch you and your guests’ drinks for the night.

Drink of Choice:  Harley Quinn Jell-O-Shot – Strawberry and Grape Jell-O mix, Chambord, vodka, hot water, and whipped cream. Also check out The Batman Cocktail – 11oz energy drink (of your choice) and 1 ½ oz gin served over ice.


classic batman


Lastly, try out a few other themes I haven’t mentioned here – Dr. Who, Great Gatsby, Mad Men, The Walking Dead, or why not try a vampire fueled TrueBlood party? Whatever you decide to do on New Year’s Eve be safe, have a blast, and usher in 2014 with a bang. Happy New Year’s folks!


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