The Drunken Nerd Still Watches Saturday Morning Cartoons

I woke up the other morning, made my coffee, sat down turned on my TV and rather than watching the London Olympics I decided to let my inner child have some fun and tuned in on some Saturday morning cartoons.

After all, it’s not every day I’m able to capture an episode of Dragon Ball Z on TV, but after DBZ was over so was my interest in Saturday morning cartoons. I mean what the heck has happened to the beloved cartoon block of 8am to noon? I couldn’t help but feel old as I sat there shaking my head thinking, “Man, they just don’t make them like they use to.”

So, I’ve taken it upon myself to relive my childhood glory days and compile a list of some of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons, so fill up your bowl of frosted flakes and let’s take a trip down memory lane shall we…

10) The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (1993-1996) – Let’s be fair, it’s not a cartoon, but this show swept the nation during the mid 90s. I mean every kid had at least some form Power Rangers memorabilia ranging from action figures to pillow cases. Add in the fact this show sparked a number of successful spin-offs only adding to its reason for appearing on this list.


9) Beast Wars (1996-1999) – Courtesy of Netflix I’ve able to re-watch some of my favorite episodes. I remember when this show came out I was blown away by the animation, Reboot, may have been the first computer animated show I watched on Saturday morning, but Beast Wars was on the one I never missed.



8) Recess (1997-2001) – Simple, fun, and appealing to every kid who’s ever gone to public school. Did a great job conveying the segregation between grades amongst students in a humorous manner and let’s be honest, who wasn’t inspired to perform a ‘prison-break’ at recess after watching this show.


7) The Tick (1994-1997) – Was only on the Saturday morning line-up for a short while, but The Tick remains a cult classic. I’ll admit as a kid I didn’t get all the jokes, but this is still one of the funniest cartoons I’ve ever watched.


6) Batman: The Animated Series (1992-1995) – Do I even have to explain myself for this one. Every Batman fan loved this adaptation. Before I watched this show I thought the Batman only fought with the Joker, a regular hero vs. villain partnership. Clearly, I was wrong, after a few episodes I was educated on the Batman’s plethora of villains within the Dark Knight’s universe.


5) Spider-Man: The Animated Series (1994-1998) – Another backbone of my nerd upbringing, no way I couldn’t put this on my list of top ten. Conveyed a number of Spider-Man story-lines that appealed to both children and comic enthusiasts.


4) Pokémon (1997) – As a 90s child there’s no way I could leave this off my list. I did grow up with the original 150, but still who wasn’t (and still isn’t) trying to catch em all?


3) X-Men (1992-1997) – I know, I know another animated comic series, but just like the previous two, X-Men greatly influenced my nerdom and educated me on another great Marvel series .


2) Ronin Warriors (1995) – I’ll have to say this show is a little bit of a gem, with a small following.  Arguably, my favorite anime show, I loved watching the Ronin Warriors as a kid. Tons of action, wicked cast of villains, and a dynamic story-line that was still simple enough for a kid to understand.


1) Animaniacs (1993-1998) – When I think Saturday morning cartoons this is the show I immediately think of. Epitomizes everything a kid’s show should be, fun, entertaining, and should carry some sort of underlying moral or educational weight with it. You ask anyone who grew up watching Animaniacs I’d guarantee they’d admit they owe passing their high school history class to this show.


Of course I have to give a few nods to some classic shows that didn’t make my list because quite frankly weren’t on Saturday mornings when I was a kid (was a 90s child after all). I owe seeing them to my older siblings who introduced me to them along with Cartoon Network’s Toonami, which introduced an entire generation to classics.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(1987)


ThunderCats (1985-1987)


G.I. Joe (1985)


Batman Beyond (1998-2001)


Masters of the Universe (1983-1985)

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  • Soooooo of all shows to leave out. dragon ball z? I guess it wasn’t a saturday morning cartoon though when we were growing up. Otherwise I think that list is pretty spot on although I could put some of your “head nods” on my actual list. Also “ronin” I didn’t know anyone else watched that show besides me.

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