The Drunken Nerd Wants To See More Video Game Inspired Movies

Like the start of most of my ideas, I was sitting down drinking an ice-cold beer, playing some Xbox (Borderlands 2 to be specific) when I thought to myself there’s quite a few games they should really, I mean really, make into movies. We’ve seen some success with video-game turned movie franchises like Resident Evil and Tomb Raider, but I think we can all agree they are sometime lacking something. With the current creative state in Hollywood producing stellar comic book inspired films, hopefully fans can see such a transition into video game inspired films. So, hopefully a few Hollywood writers/producers visit WOTN here and are intrigued by my next few suggestions.

Legend of Zelda (Nintendo):  Who wouldn’t want to see our favorite green-hooded hero save the lovely princess Zelda from God knows what evil warlords and wizards. The best part a movie version of the game could spin-off any number of the games such as Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Skyward Sword, or even just utilize those stories as a base for a brand new storyline incorporated solely for the movie adaptation. Either way, the simplicity of ‘unlikely hero saves a dashing princess’  storyline that drives the Zelda franchise is an easy recipe for box office success.

Soul Reaver (PS1): With the ultra-success of vampire centered stories nowadays, this should be a no-brainer. The American public loves vampires right now and personally I think all video game fans would applaud if Raziel made it to the big screen. A Soul Reaver movie would also create a new spin on the vampire movies of late. By new spin, I mean less love story and more action. The complexity of Raziel’s story makes for a great tale. Raziel goes from vampire royalty betrayed by his king to an undead servant of the Elder God; his new purpose in life is to now restore order to his decaying world and kill his former King who’s caused such unbalance in his homeland. It is a dynamic story because of Raziel’s ability to phase through two different dimensions (one being reality the other being purgatory), but I believe there is enough creative firepower in Hollywood to make this game into a fantastic movie.


Gears of War (Xbox):  What can I say other than who wouldn’t want to his Marcus and Co. slaughtering Locust and defending Earth from extinction? A beloved franchise by gamers and quite possibly the most made-for-a-movie game I’ve played in recent years. An alien invasion leads to a human resistance and years of fighting turn the world into a war-ravished, post-apocalyptic scene. What more can movie goers want than a film that is sure to be high on action and a cast of brutally colorful characters?


Metal Gear Solid (Playstation):  A bit confusing with an ever-changing cast of characters (or villains I should I say), but anyone who’s played any of the Metal Gear’s knows that the amount of cut scenes in each game makes it feel like you’re watching a movie rather than playing an epic video game. That being said, why not just make use of the excessive amount of cut scenes and unleash Solid Snake onto the big screen? The guy makes Jason Bourne look like a boy scout, so why not bring this wildly popular franchise to life?


Metroid (Nintendo):  Samus may be one of the most wicked female characters in all of video games and she deserves some silver screen spotlight. I’ll admit the Metroid storyline appears a tad far-fetched for non-gamers, but when you simplify the game into a sci-fi action-thriller, whose main character is a female bounty-hunter you begin to notice a more marketable plot forming. Toss in today’s effective use of CGI and a Metroid-inspired movie does not seem all that far-fetched.


Final Fantasy (Nintendo/Playstation):  I know, they made a Final Fantasy movie already, but they haven’t made a live-action one yet. Between Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII I believe there’s enough to build a strong movie with actual actors/actresses. Again special effects nowadays will be able to carry the action in the movie along with the use of magic (materia) that was a large focal point in both games. You could also make a movie off any number of the FF games, but I like VII and VIII because of their more modern setting than the other FF games who focus on a post-modern medieval time frame.


Assassins Creed (Xbox): Now with this beloved franchise I’d have to say a movie would need to eliminate a key part in the game, which is the split between Animus and reality. A first movie would need to focus largely on the action taken place in the Animus with Desmond Miles reliving his assassin predecessors’ memories. Near the end of the movie, it should showcase how the Animus is a machine and Desmond Miles is merely re-living past assassin’s lives through DNA enhanced memories setting up a second movie, which would shift focus on Desmond Miles out of the Animus and his present-day fight with the Templars. I say this because Assassins Creed is too complex of a story to fit into one movie and needs to be broken up into two parts between the two realities, otherwise it will turn off non-gaming fans.


Uncharted (Playstation): Being an Xbox guy I’ve never actually played the Uncharted series, but I have witnessed the stellar game play and graphics of the series and I’d be lying if I didn’t say it felt like I was watching a movie sitting on the couch watching friends play this game. Similar to Lara Croft in Tomb Raider the main character, Nathan Drake, is a modern-day treasure hunter who always seems to land himself into a heap of trouble while searching for priceless artifacts.


Mass Effect (Xbox): Last, but not least one of my favorite video game franchises of all time and one I believe most fans would love to see come to life. My only argument here is with so many characters a movie adaption may not actually do this video game franchise justice. I fear a movie adaptation would need to be a trilogy and a long trilogy at that, so may I suggest instead of a movie perhaps Mass Effect would better be represented as a T.V. series where characters and side plots are introduced systematically and are layered into the story. Either way, Commander Shepard’s story is to captivating not to market.


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  • good article Neil, but I would hate to see what hollywood would do to some of those movies. The unfortunate truth is that few video game movies ever become hits because of the fact that the people making the movies are not gamers. They just don’t respect the medium enough to make good movies based on video games.

  • Mass Effect as a television show is interesting. How would you capture all the possible choices? I think something akin to “Lost” with it’s varied spin-off stories or “Heroes” which sports parallel universes created by Hiro’s time travelling.

    It’s tough but at the least a worthwhile creative endeavor.

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