The Drunken Nerd’s Top Ten Worst Video Game Endings

I recently got back into Fable 3. Fable 3 escalated the Fable franchise to new heights, but faltered tremendously with its ending. Having one of the worst boss battles and endings I’ve ever had to play through. How could such a wonderful game give me gaming blue-balls like that? It isn’t  fair, not fair at all when us gamers put hours into a game just to witness a sub-par ending. Its one of the worst feelings a gamer can have when we’re faced to watch a game we loved to play through fail at it’s most important part, the finale. So, along with my re-playing of Fable 3 I’ve decided to re-live and re-tell my top ten worst video game endings of all time. Just a heads up, for all you Mass Effect 3 haters out there, sorry to let you down, but Mass Effect 3 will not be making my list here.

10) Fable 3 (Xbox)

The Fable series has the unique ability to always have player decisions comically bite them in the rear, but  in Fable 3 it is more a lack there of. An extremely weak boss battle is followed with an ending that felt was inevitable, regardless of your decisions, which defeats the purpose of a game like Fable.


9) Borderlands (Xbox360)

I think I summarize everyone’s feelings when I say, “So, that was the Vault? Really?”


8) X-Men (Arcade)

This particular game holds a special place in my heart for being one of my all-time favorite arcade games. However, the irony is the fact I despise the game’s ending. Perhaps, I was expecting more to a 2D arcade game ending then Magneto’s Island M exploding and a tiny, summary of a ‘job-well done,’ but then again after you spend twenty bucks over the course of eight weekends as a kid to beat that game, you’d expect a lot more too.


7) Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (Playstation 2)

I don’t think the ending (or the game for some) lived up to anyone’s expectations. Was rather lackluster and I never really enjoyed hearing Solid Snake’s fatherly monologue at the end of the game.


6) Legend of Zelda (Nitendo)

All the Zelda’s have a hate or love type of ending for gamers, but the original takes the cake. Being the very first epic (if you will) of a video game any of us played, it was a touch off-putting when you beat such a game and are rewarded with just a, “Thank you, Link.”


5) Red Dead Redemption (Xbox360)

When John Marston dies, so does the game. A huge WTF moment and it just isn’t quite the same when you are forced to complete the game as his son.


4) Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega)

You finally defeat the great Dr. Eggman (a.k.a Robotnik) and watch Sonic blaze through the first level of the game with a bunch of forest creatures. Even as a seven-year old kid I thought that was lame.


3) Call of Duty: Black Ops (Xbox 360/PS3)

I’m going to put this as nice as I can, what the heck happened at the end of that game? It was like a brain aneurism within a game just terrible. Just thinking about the ending makes my brain hurt.


2) Tomb Raider (Playstation)

We can all agree Tomb Raider is a great franchise and Laura Croft may forever be the pillar of fanboys’ adolescences everywhere, but the original game’s ending just didn’t live up to the rest of the game. After piling in countless hours and defeating a T-Rex I expected more than taking a cruise into the sunset in Laura Croft’s yacht.


1) Super Mario Brothers 2 (Super Nitendo)

I was skeptical with myself to put this at number one, but even after fifteen years I’m still freaking bitter with this game’s ending. Darn game forced me to play as Princess Peach and Toadstool then at the end I come to find out that it was all a dream? Are you serious Mario?



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  • My biggest end let down was Borderlands 2. Not for the story but the mechanics on EVERY boss fight were messed up. I could literally stand still shooting until they died. I expected more from the end. I was wrong.

    On another note, I necro this thread and ask the burning question… where’s my nerd gone?!

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