The Evolution of Mobile Gaming


The Evolution of Mobile Gaming Since 2000


Mobile games have come a long way in the last 20 years or so. Starting out as tiny time killers on small devices to the huge world-spanning epics that are now starting to appear on smartphones. There are two main reasons why this has occurred. The first is the rapid evolution of the smartphone itself and the second is the availability of access to high-speed internet services. So, how have mobile games progressed because of those two developments?

Humble beginnings 

The Evolution of Mobile Gaming Since 2000

Mobile gaming started out as one word – Snake. While there were simple games before it, Snake was the game that really grabbed the attention. It was a very simple but highly addictive game that allowed players to control a snake that ate dots on the screen. It whiled away the hours, and the batteries, of many devices in the early 2000s.

As the quality of the screens and the power of the processors in smartphones increased so did the quality of the games. Word Mole and Bobby Carrot were two popular games that appeared on the newer, higher definition screens in the mid-2000s. These were advances on the time killer games like Snake, but they still could not compete with portable consoles, and certainly not with console and PC games in general.

The evolution of the smartphone 

The smartphone continued to improve at a fast pace. By now it was advancing at a much faster rate than consoles and PCs. That was partly because the smartphone companies were numerous and were competing with each other. This led to newer devices and eventually smartphones that had full internet connectivity. There had been WAP-enabled phones earlier in the 2000s, but they never caught on because they were expensive and had very little function.

The Evolution of Mobile Gaming Since 2000
Candy Crush

The new smartphones were vastly different though. They allowed high-speed internet access at almost any time. That meant games could be more sophisticated and advanced. They could be downloaded in seconds rather than the lengthy time it would have taken in the past. Games were starting to become a feature of the phone rather than an add on. This led to the development of games such as Magic Rush, Candy Crush and a whole host of others that combined high levels of technology and the internet to provide players with their gaming experience.

It also allowed players to play other kinds of games as well. Players could use their smartphones as a way to access sportsbooks for the first time. That meant users could access sites like bonus seeker to find a list of the best sportsbooks around. Once the ability to access the internet via a smartphone became widespread almost any sporting event on the planet could be wagered on at any time.

Smartphones will continue to push the boundaries of mobile gaming for the foreseeable future. While they may not be able to compete with portable consoles at the moment, it will only be a matter of time before they dominate the mobile gaming market.

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