The First Full Length Trailer for Aladdin is Out


Disney Finally Released the First Full Trailer for Aladdin


For months fans have been asking for the full-length trailer of Aladdin. However, up until now, we’ve only been given two teaser trailers. But finally, the day has come where we get to truly see what we’re in for.


There have been mixed reactions about the idea of Aladdin being turned into a live-action Disney movie. Most of the concerns revolved around the fact that Genie will just never be the same without Robin Williams. And to be fair, this is true.

Will Smith did step up to the challenge at least, though he’s made it clear that his take on Genie is going to be very different from what our childhood selves may expect. He’s probably hoping that by taking Genie in a different direction it’ll result with fewer comparisons. I guess we’ll see.

Release Date

The latest adaptation of Aladdin is due to release in theaters on May 24th of this year. With a release date that close it’s no wonder that fans have been begging for a fuller trailer. We’d sort of like to know what we’re in for, after all.

The Trailer

The full trailer is two minutes and fourteen seconds long – much better than the teasers we’ve been given. It starts off with the famous introduction to Aladdin that we all know and love – the classic chase scene. This was a fun one to show us right away since it showcased the city, Aladdin, Abu, and Jasmine all relatively quickly.

The trailer goes on to show us that several of fans’ favorite moments are in fact going to be in the live action version (one never knows). It had the lighthearted tone we expected, and the scenery was outstanding – the Cave of Wonders is a personal highlight.

Aladdin, Jafar, and Jasmin all look spot on, as do Abu and Carpet (yes! Carpet made it in!). These are all bonus points as well. I imagine the jury is still out for many about Genie though. Here’s hoping everything is as good as it looks.

What do you think?

Well, what do you think after this trailer? Have your opinions changed or stayed the same? Let us know!


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