The Future of Deadpool is NOW!

Contrary to many of the very experienced creative teams already announced for NOW!, it seems that Marvel are interested in using relative newcomers for the Merc With A Mouth’s latest incarnation. Gerry Duggan is a long time comedy writer who has had the occasional dip in to the industry The Simpsons comics in the 90s and 2007’s surprisingly good The Infinite HorizonHis writing first came to my attention when I discovered his partner in crime, Brian Posehn a few years ago. I instantly became a fan of Posehn’s stand up and, as I always do, I began researching what else he had done outside of comedy. During this process, I stumbled upon the five-part miniseries, The Last Christmas.

The Last Christmas was illustrated by Rick Remender and co-written by Posehn and a man I hadn’t previously heard of called Gerry Duggan. As I read it, I was instantly reminded of the great Futurama episode Xmas Story (and it’s fantastic ending song) and I was in love with the writing by the end of the first book.

Alongside the writers of The Last Christmas, is the man who illustrated the first six issues of The Walking Dead, Tony Moore.
Since Deadpool can be an enormously a hit & miss character (as I mention in my recent review of Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe #2), I’m very excited to see that a creative team with such a fantastic pedigree will be taking over one of Marvel’s most infamous characters.

Here is the official announcement from Marvel:

Washington, D.C. is in turmoil when dead former U.S. Presidents – from George Washington to Gerald Ford – are resurrected and the heroes of the Marvel Universe can’t be the ones to stop them! There’s only one other person that has the reputation, skills, and plausible deniability to handle these com-monsters in chief…NOW! is the time for Deadpool! In Wade We Trust!

“Brian, Gerry & Tony are cooking up the most insane Deadpool story ever published,” said Axel Alonso, Editor In Chief, Marvel Entertainment.  “Heroes will be ingested, chimichangas will be digested, dead presidents will be resurrected as the Merc with the Mouth collides with a who’s who of Marvel Universe heroes, the world’s unluckiest S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, and the most downright nasty zombies Tony Moore has ever drawn.”

“Deadpool is the scumbag we need. You don’t want to see the Avengers take on these cherished pillars of American history. It becomes a little more palatable when it’s Deadpool,” explained Duggan in an interview with “He’s there strictly because SHIELD is giving him a pillowcase with a dollar sign on it filled with money.”

“All your favorite presidents fighting Deadpool, what’s not to like?” Posehn added.

Well said gentlemen, well said.

Brian Posehn                                                             Gerry Duggan

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