The Gamers: Hands of Fate

1002458_608553352508940_185786664_nWell, with The Gamers: Hands of Fate (more commonly known as Gamers 3), the masters over at Dead Gentlemen Productions and Zombie Orpheus Entertainment have delivered to us yet another winner!

Now, while the end of The Gamers: Dorkness Rising left us with the impression that the next movie would revolve entirely around the same cast of characters as they embark upon a new quest to defeat the Shadow (the villain from the very first Gamers film), that is not entirely the case. Don’t misunderstand me, all the original cast members from Dorkness Rising return for Hands of Fate and reprise their roles, but they and their game are not the primary focus of the film.

Filmed mostly at last year’s Gen Con, Gamers 3 focuses primarily around the character of Cass (played by Brian Lewis) as he strives to win the championship of Romance of the Nine Empires–a card game similar to Magic the Gathering–so he can go out on a date with a beautiful girl gamer by the name of Nicole (played by Trin Miller). While this story arc is happening, another one revolving around the key characters within the actual game is running parallel. Two smaller sub-plots occur on the side…one involving Gary (played by Christian Doyle) and the rest of the gaming party from The Gamers: Dorkness Rising, but as I said earlier, they are not the primary focus of the film. Leo (played by Scott C. Brown) is also revealed to have a somewhat secret past that was never touched upon in Dorkness Rising. You would think that with all the stories going on that the film would be disjointed and confusing, but it isn’t. While you might be scratching your head at times, everything comes together in the end.

For the fans of Dead Gentlemen and Zombie Orpheus projects, Gamers 3 is jam-packed with goodies and references from the first Gamers movie to JourneyQuest. Some are more obvious, while others are more subtle to the point of you miss it if you blink. It’s like a fun little Easter egg hunt for the fans. All you have to do is look! I know I personally felt quite the thrill when I spotted someone in the crowd wearing a Perf costume. However, this film is also good and fun for people who are new to the wonderful world created by Dead Gentlemen and Zombie Orpheus. Even if you haven’t seen the first two films, if you’re a table-top gamer or a geek in any way, shape or form, you will be able to relate to the characters as well as what they go through. We get to see other people feel just as passionately about characters and plot-lines as we  do ourselves, and I’m not ashamed to say that I got goosebumps every time the battle cry of “Let slip dogs of war” resounded through the room. Even though I was only watching as a spectator, I could not help but feel that these were my people.

Best of all though, is the fact that the ending of The Gamers: Hands of Fate left a very clear and definite opening for a fourth movie.  While I missed Flynn, the chronically death-prone bard, the overall quotability of the film as well as subtle nods to Browncoats everywhere more than make up it.

The general awesomeness of this film aside, what really makes Gamers 3 as full of win as it is, is the fact that its production was entirely funded by the fans. That’s right…this movie was funded by over 4,000 Kickstarter backers. How amazing is that? Even more amazing than that is the fact that every single one of those backers is listed and thanked in the credits at the end of the film.

The Gamers: Hands of Fate can be streamed for free here until August 31st, so go hurry up and watch!

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