The Golden Globes Killed It, Y’all

golden_globesWhile I almost always watch the Academy Awards and Golden Globes ceremonies, rarely do I enjoy the experience as much as I did last night, as the 2013 Golden Globes were awarded in Los Angeles.  You may remember that I am a notorious movie and tv show fast-forwarder, prone to skipping things that make me feel awkward; usually award ceremonies are positively made of awkward.  From hosts who miss more than they hit with jokes to pithy banter from presenters that almost always misses, I usually mute more of the ceremonies than I watch.  Not so, last night.

Here’s why:

1.  Amy Poelher and Tina Fey f***ing nailed it.

These women were funny without being mean (James Cameron joke aside – and, I mean, he’s probably not crying into his piles of money right now), and let’s be honest, I have a tremendous amount of love for  40-year-old women who look like normal people, but also wicked hot.  It gives me hope.  My favorite moment from them (which you can find below) came after they both lost to Lena Dunham, who thanked all the other nominees for “getting her through dark times,” but I highly recommend you find as many clips as you can from them on YouTube.

2.  With the exception of the inexplicable dominance of Homeland in the Television Drama category, the awards were distributed far and wide amongst the shows and movies nominated, and the winners were awesome.

This was great.  Rather than one or two movies coming in and sweeping the best drama and best comedy or musical categories, a lot of great films got some well-deserved recognition.  Best drama and director for Argo, best original screenplay and supporting actor (Christoph Waltz) for Django Unchained, best lead actor in a drama for Lincoln (Daniel Day Lewis), best lead actress in a comedy for Silver Linings Playbook (Jennifer Lawrence), best comedy/musical, lead actor in a comedy/musical  and supporting actress in motion picture for Les Miserable (Hugh Jackman and Ann Hathaway), best lead actress in a drama for Zero Dark Thirty (Jessica Chastain); even Life of Pi got a nod with best original score.

Lena Dunham, from Girls
Lena Dunham, star and creator of ‘Girls’


In the realm of television, things were a bit less awesome.  I’m afraid I just don’t get all the love for Homeland, season 2.  It was OK, I guess, but no way was it better than Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey or my personal favorite, The Newsroom.  Ditto to Claire Danes and Damian Lewis.  They were good, but others were better (dear lord, someone please give Jon Hamm a damn award soon.  He. is. awesome.)  Still, I was thrilled to see Lena Duhnam win twice for Girls, as lead actress in a comedy and best comedy.  She is a tremendous talent and the show she created is fantastic.

3.  The speeches were good.

OK, not all the speeches were good – I was seriously worried that Quentin Tarantino, who was clearly legitimately surprised by his win, was going to go into a drunk-slur-ramble that wouldn’t end until someone came up on stage and dragged him off – but a lot of the speeches were heart-felt without being overly dramatic and funny without feeling canned.  Check out Lena Dunham’s and Jennifer Lawrence’s below.

4.  Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig did perhaps the funniest award show bit ever, and Tommy Lee Jones was entirely unamused.

It’s really the combination of the hilarious, good-natured bit from Ferrell and Wiig with TLJ’s refusal to find any humor in it that makes this such a fantastic moment.  As Scott Aukerman put it on Twitter: “Congrats to Tommy Lee Jones on his brave fight against humor.” Check it out.

5.  Bill Clinton turned everyone into school-girls.

When he came out to introduce Lincoln, the crowd collectively lost their damn minds.  First, they gasped, then gave him a standing ovation, then sat in memorized revery as he gave a very Bill Clinton type mini-speech.  It is good to know someone impresses Hollywood this much.  It was so awesome.


So, not everything was perfect in Hollywood last night.  I’m still pissed about the aforementioned Homeland sweep of best television drama, and I think it’s about time we had a serious talk about this “best comedy or musical” non-sense that seems designed to let dramas like My Week With Marilyn and Les Miserable win stuff in addition to other dramas winning stuff; for the most part however, last night’s Golden Globes were impressive.  Did you watch?  Let us know your favorite moments (or least favorite, if that’s your thing) below!


This post originally appeared on Good Girls Gone Geek.


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