The Joker Movie Gets A New Thomas Wayne


Thomas Wayne Takes On The Clown Prince of Crime


Character actor Brett Cullen has replaced Alec Baldwin as Thomas Wayne in the upcoming Joker film. The movie started production in early September. However, Baldwin dropped out of the role before cameras started rolling. This film’s Thomas Wayne was rumored to be a sleazy 80’s businessman in the vein of Donald Trump

Brett Cullen Steps Up To The Plate

Brett Cullen Dark Knight Rises
Brett Cullen in Dark Knight Rises

The untitled Joker origin film is strange. Of course, the film isn’t out yet. But the talent assembled behind and in front of the camera is an unlikely group. Todd Phillips, best known for The Hangover movies, directs. Martin Scorsese is producing, and the cast ranges from Joaquin Phoenix to Zazie Beetz to Robert De Niro. Combine those elements with Warner Brothers’ bizarre treatment of their DC films and Joker is sure to be a conversation piece regardless of the film’s quality.

However, one casting decision stuck out like a sore, orange thumb. Alec Baldwin joined the cast of the movie before filming commenced, cast in the role of Thomas Wayne. Early reports likened the script’s version of Bruce Wayne’s father to Donald Trump. Of course, Baldwin portrays the current president on Saturday Night Live. But, the actor took to Twitter and dispelled those rumors. Unfortunately, as soon as he signed on, he dropped out of the film. He cited scheduling issues and the fact “there are 25 other guys who could play that role.”

So, with cameras rolling and a smaller budget than most superhero films, the producers did what needed to be done – they hired a character actor. Specifically, they hired Brett Cullen. Cullen is a veteran actor with nearly 137 credits to his name. Most of his work is on television shows like Narcos and Person of Interest. But, this isn’t his first trip to Gotham city. Cullen played a congressman in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. Honestly, Thomas Wayne is a perfect character for an actor of Brett Cullen’s stature. Besides, an actor as recognizable as Alec Baldwin would prove a distraction from Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker.


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