The New Men in Black: International Trailer


Here Come The Men In Black

Men in Black is back, and while we have a completely new cast to deal with, it’s clear that they’re doing what they can to stay true to their roots.

Men in Black International

Men in Black (MIB): International (2019) Credit: Sony Pictures

The newest movie in the MIB franchise is called Men in Black: International, though some fans are simply calling it Men in Black #4. First of all, the franchise managed to land Chris Hemsworth Agent H, as well as Tessa Thompson as Agent M. 

By now many of the fans have likely noticed and commented on the fact that two of the showrunners from Thor: Ragnarok have travelled into this movie. I for one am all for it. And I don’t believe I’m alone in that fact. 

Along with Hemsworth and Thompson, MIB International is going to have plenty of talent showing up on screen. Liam Nesson, Rebecca Ferguson, Emma Thompson, and many others have all been cast to make appearances in the newest movie.

The Trailer

There were many brilliant choices made in the making of this trailer. For starters, having Liam Nesson start the voice over was pure perfection. Likewise, the music choice was a brilliant one as well. Especially when combined with the dramatic scenes.

All the characters shown were showcased perfectly. It’s clear that Agent H is the more relaxed character, while Agent M is the determined and driven one. It seems safe to assume that the two will balance each other out, and make for an interesting movie.

Having a quick cameo from the worms? Well, that was just icing on the cake.


The Response

On the whole, response to the new trailer has been overwhelmingly positive. On twitter I saw countless fans freaking out (again, in a good way) about the casting choices here. Likewise, fans were even debating about which actor they were more excited about seeing; Hemsworth of Thompson. So, what do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below!


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