The Orville and Why Things Got Serious


Seth MacFarlane Explains Why He Took the Series in a More Serious Direction

Seth MacFarlane is known for his comedy—he’s written several hit TV series and movies by this point, including Family Guy, American Dad! and Ted. Fans were understandably curious and a bit confused with the announcement that he’d be in charge of The Orville.

The Orville

Seth MacFarlane
Seth MacFarlane

The Orville is a classic science fiction series, with lots of hat-tips and homages to its inspiration and predecessor, Star Trek. Fans may have been expecting something more full of humor, but instead got a much more serious science fiction series than they expected. The series can still be considered a comedy, but it’s more of a comedy-drama than pure comedy. There’s space exploration, and tension between characters thanks to an awkward and bitter divorce. It’s certainly a different series!

The Reason Behind It

The series had originally been pitched as a comedy. And as Seth MacFarlane says, even when things started shifting they wanted to keep the series a blend of genres. But, most importantly, they had to hold on to the comedic aspects.

MacFarlane went on to explain that he’s loved science fiction since he was a kid, and part of him always wanted to make his own series, though admittedly it’s not something he really became aware of until much later in life. Being granted a science fiction series with hour-long episodes was basically a dream come true for the writer/actor. It finally gave him something that he could take risks with and really sink his teeth into.

The second season of the series is starting to show how heavily MacFarlane was influenced by Star Wars. Where there had been more subtle references before, now there are clear parallels being drawn between the two. And honestly? We really can’t blame him for the decision.

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