The Power of a Sandwich: The Birds of Prey BEC

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We’ve all had a sandwich that was so good that it changed the way we know ourselves as a person. For me, it’s the loaded Philly cheesesteak at my local pizza joint. For Harley Quinn in her new movie Birds of Prey? A simple breakfast sandwich made by a short-order cook named Sal.  

The Official Birds of Prey Recipe

Actor Bruno Oliver, who plays Sal in the movie, told Variety that he had no idea of the impact that sandwich and that character would have on Birds of Prey and its audience. In anticipation of the film coming out on streaming and digital release, Oliver showed Variety how to make the eggy delicacy.

The recipe has been written up on ScreenRant. To make the infamous bacon egg and cheese from the movie, you need six ingredients: ciabatta bread, thick-cut bacon, two eggs, American cheese, and hot sauce. First, slap some butter on the bread. Then sizzle up the bacon. Crack two eggs onto a griddle or pan. Then lay the cheese slices directly on the eggs so they melt. The construction goes like this: first slice of bread; bacon; eggs and cheese; hot sauce—but not too much, according to Harley—second slice of bread, enjoy; don’t let thugs knock it out of your hands.

An image of a bacon egg and cheese sandwich from the movie Birds of Prey
Harley Quinn’s infamous sandwich

The Symbolism 

According to Eater, the sandwich is a symbol of Harley’s journey in Birds of Prey; forcing her to become an independent woman, no longer the sidekick. She’s smart; she’s scrappy; and she really can survive on her own without the Joker. As Eater states, “As she watches the bacon scatter and the egg yolks smear in the street, she realizes she can’t hide anymore. She may not know where her journey will take her, but the loss of her sandwich is what causes her to confront her problems with the intensity of someone who has just had what is most precious to them stolen.” The sandwich symbolizes the only good things in the world to Harley Quinn at the moment. 

Here’s hoping my loaded Philly never gets splattered on the ground in front of my eyes while I’m running from bounty hunters. 

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