The Skrulls Take Center Stage In New Photo


Skrulls: The Conquerers


A new image from the upcoming Captain Marvel showcases The Skrulls in their non-shapeshifted form. The image comes courtesy of Empire magazine ahead of a Captain Marvel themed issue.

We get a first look of the Skrulls in their full form. Image Courtesy of Empire
We get a first look of the Skrulls in their full form. Image Courtesy of Empire

Captain Marvel’s Hype Machine Ramps Up

Marvel knows what they’re doing. Aesthetically, their films follow a similar house style. However, their marketing also falls in line with similar aesthetics as well. Every time the superhero movie juggernaut introduces a new hero, they don’t do a full-on marketing blitz. Instead, they release information little by little to generate questions and interest in the new hero. It’s a brilliant way of marketing.

Obviously, the new heroes don’t turn the profits of Iron Man or Captain America. But, the first film in a franchise is the cheapest, so the studio doesn’t have to guarantee as many butts in seats as something like Avengers: End Game. And that is precisely what they’re doing with Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel releases in just six weeks, and there are only two full-length trailers. Furthermore, Entertainment Weekly is the only major publication to publish a lengthy write-up and pictures from the film. But, Empire is gearing up to release an issue dedicated to Carol Danvers and her world.

The Complicated Marvel Mythos

In advance of the Empire issue, the magazine released a few new images. One of the images gets up close and personal with The Skrulls, the race of shapeshifters at war with Captain Marvel’s Kree. For fans of just the Marvel movies, introducing The Skrulls and The Kree is a big ask. The conflict between the races is complicated and adds a new wrinkle to the countless other MCU inhabitants fans must keep straight.

On the other hand, the fact that we are getting a movie about the struggles between the two races has comic book fans going crazy. If you asked any comic book fan in their teenage years if Captain Marvel would have a movie featuring all the little bits of lore that go into making the character who she is, they would have called you crazy. Take a look at The Skrulls below and whet your appetite for Captain Marvel on March 8th, 2019!


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