The Top Slot Machines Based on Film Characters


The Top Slots Based on Classic Film Characters


While back in the day, slot machines were all about fruit, bells, and bars – which wasn’t the most exciting – these days slot machines have been created in every theme under the sun. Of these, some of the most popular slot machines out there are the ones based on characters from our favorite movies.

So, if you consider yourself a movie fanatic, here are some of the best movie-themed slot machines that you can play today.         

The Dark Knight Rises

Has there ever been a cooler movie character than the formidable Batman? Of course not! Which is why the Dark Knight Rises Slots game – based on the Christian Bale trilogy – is so popular. Produced by two different organizations, you will find the IGT version in brick-and-mortar casinos and the Microgaming one online. Other than where you can play these games, though, both versions of the five-reel slot game are practically identical.

The game itself has different characters from the movies, including Harvey Dent and the Joker, with different characters having different values. Of course, Batman himself has the highest value, with a possibility of 2,000 credits in total. You’ll also find other, more standard, card symbols in the mix such as your king and queen.

There is also a feature, where at any point in the game, Batman or the Joker can appear and grant you different prices, which brings a little more randomness to the game.

King Kong Slot

Perhaps the greatest monster to ever hit the big screens, it’s little wonder then the King Kong game is also a firm favorite in the world of slot machines. Created by Playtech, King Kong – full name Kong: The Eighth Wonder of the World – the slot game is based on the 2005 remake starring Jack Black and you’ll see lots of clips from the movie as you play. 

One of the game’s most interesting aspects is the fact that there are two modes you can play. The first, Jungle Mode, is like the name suggests, based in the jungle and you’ll see lots of forestries as well as Wild Jungle Respins, where you can gain free spins. There’s also a bonus game where you look for three identical dinosaurs winning a pay-out depending on the specials you found.

The other game mode, called Big City Mode, will transport you to the magnificent architecture of New Your City. Here your bonus game involves clicking planes before they reach Kong, which was a little easier than fans hoped. For a detailed King Kong slot review read more here.


Like Rocky Balboa himself, a film franchise that still captures the imagination, this popular five-reel slot game packs a punch with its fans. Designed by Playtech, the game has some of the most famous characters from the movie series. Which includes Adrian, Apollo Creed and Ivan Drago.

Interestingly, you will find the letters of Rocky’s name on the reel which, when you match up three or more, will lead to payouts. If you can spell out Rocky, you’ll get a 5x bonus on your total bet. Also included in the game Italian Stallion symbols, get these, and you’ll get such perks as free spins and multipliers on your total bet.

During the bonus round – aptly named the Knockout Round – sees you get into the ring with boxing ring with Rocky himself. You can then choose your opponent from Creed, Ivan Drago, and Clubber Lang. Your aim here is for Rocky to get a knockout before the end of the ten rounds.

Forrest Gump

Life is like a box of chocolates – as is this Amaya five-reel slot machine based on Tom Hanks’ famous Forrest Gump character. As, here, if you manage to bag yourself three or more box of chocolates scatter symbols, you’ll rocket yourself into a multi-stage matching game, where the more pairs you get, the better pay-out you’ll get.

As well as the infamous box of chocolates, you can also expect to see scatter symbols in the shape of Forrest himself, Jenny, Lt. Dan, and the Bubba Gump cap. As you’d expect, Forrest’s symbol has the highest value and, if you get him across all your reels, you can expect a jackpot of up to around 5,000 coins.

One of the most fun aspects of this game is the Run Forrest Run mini-game. Triggered after getting three of more footballs, you’ll then race as Forrest down a football field where you’ll need to dodge targets and gain yards. You’ll get prizes based on the number of 10-yard lines you pass without getting hit. If you manage to get to the end zone, you’ll bag yourself a touchdown bonus too.

These are just a few of the movie-themed slot machines out there right now, and with so many more big blockbusters on the horizon, you can expect even more themed slot games in the foreseeable future.

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