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The Week in New York Comic-Con: 10/11/12 – 10/14/12


New York Comic-Con was the highlight of the week, and attention-getting announcements came aplenty.

Highlights from the Big Two include:


  • January’s new Superior Spider-Man series WON’T feature Peter Parker, but whoever’s going to wear that mask is locking lips with a startled Mary Jane in a cover for issue #2. This new Spidey is supposed to be darker and more aggressive, which hasn’t sat well with a lot of folks on the Comic Book Movie comments board
  • A new Secret Avengers #1 comic is due February, by writer Nick Spencer and artist Luke Ross. This team of undercover Avengers has parallels with the movie version. Members include Hawkeye and Black Widow, and Agent Coulson and a very Sam Jackson-looking Nick Fury will appear
  • Brian Michael Bendis and Steve McNiven are relaunching a new Guardians of the Galaxy series in February, with Iron Man as a member
  • Black Widow’s past comes back to haunt her in Avengers Assemble #12 & #13 in November



  • The next turning points in the “Rise of the Third Army” Green Lantern storyline sees Guy Gardner teaming up with new Lantern Simon Baz, who seemed well-received by the con audience
  • Scott Snyder and Jim Lee will launch a new Superman book next year
  • Artist Paul Pelletier will begin penciling Aquaman with February’s issue #15
  • In New 52 news, fans clamoring for the returns of Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown were urged to “keep reading”
  • The upcoming Justice League of America series will make Martian Manhunter the most dangerous DC superhero, according to series writer Geoff Johns

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