The Wolverine: AMC CinemaCon Trailer


We have a new trailer people! Despite the train wreck that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine, I can say that I am starting to get excited for this new movie. AMC Cinemas has released a new extra cool trailer that premiered at CinemaCon. I have no idea if it can sear the pain of the previous movie, what I can say is: this movie feels like the Wolverine movie we always wanted. Skipping any semblance of a plot (which to be fair sounds pretty cookie cutter), this trailer opts for the action. And boy howdy do they cram a lot into 60 seconds!  Check out the link below and we’ll talk some of my favorite moments after:


Wolverine on a Train: it sounds like the start of the next Sam Jackson movie right? Seriously, look at the idiot bad guys (no really, check out the guy with his gun in his pants like an idiot). In this one glorious shot we get Logan’s claws and four grown “badasses” about to pee their pants. THAT’s what a Wolverine movie should be about: grown men peeing themselves at the sight of giant metal claws.


Holy $#!+ are those Ninjas? It’s Wolverine vs. Ninjas! How can you not wanna see this fight? And it’s not five or six ninjas. It’s the entire Foot Clan! I hope our hero can hold out until the Ninja Turtles arrive. Incidentally, this is best crossover idea ever! EVER!


Ninjas on a Bike: I cannot believe I’m writing this, but not only does our hero fight Ninjas, he also has to fight Ninjas on Motorcycles! Who knew this was a technique taught in Ninja School!??!?


Wolverine vs. Terminator: Ok, clearly this is supposed to be the Silver Samurai but look at him! He’s all metal and massive and gears and just looking amazing. This is a fair departure from the comics, but it looks awesome. It also proves a point: you cannot send mortals after Wolverine. You need technologically enhanced mutants to take out the ol’ canucklehead.


Oh My God Her Face: Seriously, I have no idea what’s going on here. It scared me. And anything that can scare me in  Wolverine trailer is worth talking about for a second. I mean just look at that. W. T. F?


So yeah, I can say I am fairly excited to see this flick now. I just hope this isn’t a magic trick and we’re given another poor showing. What do you think?

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