The CW Has Found Its Batwoman

The CW’s Batwoman is Cast and (Almost) Ready for Action

The CW Has Found Its Batwoman
Ruby Rose as Stella Carlin in Orange Is The New Black

As reported by to TVLine, the CW has now cast their Batwoman. Ruby Rose, who is known for Orange is the New Black and her modeling career, has been cast as Kate Kane, also known as Batwoman.

However, Kate Kane isn’t getting her spinoff series right away. First, she’s going to make an appearance in the CW’s now-annual crossover. This usually happens around November sweeps. If she is popular, her series will likely premiere in the 2019-20 series. 

Ruby Rose is an actor who identifies as a nonbinary lesbian. Her casting has soothed a lot of fandoms since they were worried that the CW would cast a straight actress to play Kate Kane. There has been recent controversy about straight actors playing gay roles since LGBTQ actors don’t generally get the same opportunities. It is somewhat of a relief that this particular representation problem won’t be an issue for this superhero.

During the wait for the Batwoman CW series, fandom may be continuing their debate on representation (or the lack of it), just not LGBTQ representation.

Will the CW #KeepKateJewish?

Although people are pleased that Ruby Rose is a lesbian, like Kate Kane is, there is disappointment from another section of fandom. Jewish fans want to make sure that Kate Kane’s canonical Judaism makes it to the CW portrayal intact. They’ve created the hashtag #KeepKateJewish to discuss this issue, and what Kate Kane/Batwoman means to them. Ruby Rose is not Jewish, and these fans are concerned that means her Batwoman won’t be either.

Although some may be tempted to dismiss representation issues, this isn’t a superficial concern. For example, the reason that Batwoman’s costume is red is that the color red represents Gevurah, or an attribute in the Jewish faith that translates to might/ judgment. Kate Kane’s Judaism is essential to her secret identity as Batwoman. This twitter thread, from before the casting was announced, discusses the issue in greater detail. If Kate Kane isn’t Jewish, the character loses something vital. That would be a shame to see.

Ruby Rose’s Batwoman will premiere sometime this fall, during the annual CW crossover event during sweeps. Any possible Batwoman series would premiere in 2019.

What do you think about this casting decision? Would you want to watch a series with Ruby Rose as Batwoman? Will the CW avoid using their general muted color palette for Batwoman’s trademark costume? Talk about it in the comments!

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