There Can Be Only One Ryan Reynolds

It appears that film funny man/Superhero Ryan Reynolds has been confirmed as the lead in the latest Highlander reboot, according to The Tracking Board, and I for one can’t F#@king wait!

Highlander (1986)
Christopher Lambert – Connor MacLeod

As a child of the 80’s/90’s it was required of me to watch and enjoy the Highlander movies. To not do this was to risk being shunned by friends and family, and would mean growing up an outcast from the whole of society as we know it. Thankfully, this wasn’t a hard task as the original trilogy was great, even if they cast the most Scottish person on the planet as an Egyptian prince and a person who had clearly never heard of Scotland before reading the script as the lead, Connor MacLeod. But, crappy accents aside, the movies were ace. And the story – immortals fight with swords and chop each others’ heads off until there is only one all-powerful immortal left – mint.

So, after a few movies and a large number of TV series we get here. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is set to direct this new retelling of the Highlander story. In a video interview with IAR managing editor, Jami Philbrick, Fresnandillo said the film is set to be a completely new telling of Highlander mythology, and with a large number of massive movies retelling popular stories, it will fit right it. With one of the best front men in the business, I imagine they’ll have a massive hit on their hands.

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds

As iconic characters go, Reynolds is not doing too badly. Scheduled to be appearing as a proper version of Wade Wilson/Deadpool in a dedicated Deadpool movie, if it ever gets off the ground, not to mention whatever DD and Warner Bros. have in store for any more Green Lantern, Ryan seems to be the go to guy for massive fiction leads. And now he has landed Highlander, I would say the future is looking pretty bright for the Canadian funny man as Highlander is pretty much guaranteed sequels. (He is immortal after all). Reynolds also has undead cop thriller R.I.P.D. coming out next year. Exciting stuff!

Keep a close eye on WOTN for more news on the Highlander reboot as and when we here it!

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