Things Are About To Get Dark For Judge Dredd

Now, I know what you’re thinking: ‘I kind of want to read Judge Dredd but it’s just a bit too soft for me. It’s all just a bit too lovey dovey, with not enough hard-core violence and destruction.’ Well worry no more as a violent kick up the ass is on the way.

They Are Here

Earlier yesterday the countdown clock on finished and the above message took its place hailing the return of The Dark Judges. These three menacing tormenters of law and order are undead perversions of Mega-City One Judges from an alternate dimension where all life has been declared against the law. Judge Fear, Judge Fire, and Judge Mortis are set to descend on a Mega-City One that’s in complete chaos. The city has recently had to cope with a Chaos Bug epidemic, mass civil revolt, and terrorist attacks and to be honest could do with a brake. Thankfully John Wagner, co-creator of Judge Dredd, doesn’t think so and is about to throw The Dark Judges in to the mix as part of the Day Of Chaos story arch, described as, “both gripping and very compelling. It’s like watching news of a real-life crisis unfolding on TV” by the guys at SFX.













To build anticipation for the much-anticipated return of these 200 AD favourites, fans have been drip fed images, some of which are above, through (no, I haven’t heard of them either) over the past month. Now, along with the change to the website, an image of Henry Flint’s cover has been released building yet more hype for what is being billed as, ‘The most hotly anticipated 2000 AD event in years.’

Cover Prog 1781

Look for Prog 1781 on Wednesday 2nd May, 2012. Priced at £2.35 in the UK. But be careful, if the book lives up to the hype it’s likely to take your hand off.

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