Infinity #5Previously in Infinity: In space, the Infinity war is over. The tattered Galactic Council, led by the upstart Avengers of Earth have defeated the fearsome Builders. They used strategy, inspiration, brute force, and blind luck to make it happen and the subjugated worlds have noticed. One by one the growing fleet won back the worlds, who then named themselves Avengers Worlds. The question still remains, was saving Earth the right thing to do? There is a growing belief that the survival of Earth will cause the end of all life in our universe. This nagging doubt will not deter the Avengers; Earth is in danger and it is the first Avengers World.

Meanwhile, on Earth Ebony Maw has captured Thane, the terrigen altered son of Thanos. With his primary goal- of killing the last of his progeny- almost accomplished, the Mad Titan and his Cull Obsidian (Black Order) set their sights on their secondary objective… the destruction of Earth. Black Bolt’s attempt to destroy Thanos by detonating Attilan failed and only served to create more chaos on the war-torn planet. Anyone with Inhuman genetic code is transforming, some have joined the fray, others have made it worse, and many have been seen as a new threat and have been mercilessly hunted. The New Avengers (Illuminati) are in a catch-22. They recently learned of the belief that Earth’s survival will cause the end of all life, but it’s their world and it is under attack. If that isn’t bad enough Thanos has gained control of Black Panther’s Necropolis and now possesses the bombs they use to stop incursions. Just the weapon Thanos needs to destroy Earth. Can even the combined forces of all of the Avengers make any difference at this point, and based on other information, should they? Infinity rages on!Infinity

Mighty Avengers #3 by Al Ewing and Greg Land is the be all and end all for Infinity this week. Lets just assume that this is the calm before the storm. For just a single issue in the grand scheme of this epic crossover, it’s not much of a ‘calm’. Shuma-Gorath is attacking New York, Spectrum is down for the count, thanks to Proxima Midnight–how can the Mighty Avengers stop this supernatural attack? Blue Marvel, the latest addition to the team meets the others for the first time, as he disrupts Shuma-Goraths foothold temporarily. Seconds later the enormously powerful, little known hero saves the dying Spectrum, by super-charging her powers. We do also get another clue as to the ‘generic Spider-Hero’s’ identity as he and Dr. Brashear share a moment of recognition. Then in a bickering match with Superior Spider-Man we also learn that our mystery hero has some magic knowledge that is ‘useful in his line of work’. I’m beginning to think one of the rumors about his identity is likely to be true, but I’ll save that speculative reveal for the end. The new Power Man and White Tiger rejoin the group as Shuma-Gorath possesses all of the surrounding people and forces them to attack the dysfunctional group. I have to say these two characters, who I honestly wondered why were included in this group, just got interesting. It seems that this Power Man gains his abilities from absorbing and channeling ‘chi’, and according to ‘Spider-Hero’ everything has chi! He uses this ability to power-up the god that is White Tiger and send the beast’s astral form to fight shuma-gorath’s, and win! I have to say that this team that seemed to be a brute force, melee group for the most part has taken a surprising turn. It’s more of an amalgam of science and supernatural that may lend itself to some really interesting stories down the road.

As we wrap up this loosely connected Infinity tie-in we get the obligatory last page of every new Avengers book, when they admit they are a team of Avengers and officially ‘ASSEMBLE’. Al Ewing is really starting to win me over on this title. The dysfunction, the bickering, the supernatural twist have all made this book different from any other Avengers book. Greg Land’s art is exceptional as well. He does some interesting things when depicting the player’s powers and effects. It’s unique and descriptive. His iconic representations of Blue Marvel are also pretty cool. I am very interested in this character, based on the few issues so far. He seems to be the ‘guardian of Earth’ that I thought Sentry would become, and without the psychosis. Now, without further ado, since the preview of next issue says that “Spider-Hero’s” true identity will be revealed, my best guess is (POSSIBLE MAJOR SPOILER…LOOK AWAY…)….

Blade, The Vampire Hunter is the mysterious ‘Spider Hero’, in my humble opinion. Based on the clues, and maybe a little nerdy hope on my part, I think he would be a cool addition to this team, even if he will be costumed and referred to as Ronin, as speculated elsewhere. He would be a supernatural mentor to the young Power Man and White Tiger, but also brings the vampire mythology into the super-hero fold in a way that hasn’t been seen since Jubilee.

Next: All-out war on Earth!

This may have been a small week in Infinity, at least as far as the main story goes, it was still a good one. The Mighty Avengers, with Ewing and Land at the wheel seems to be shaping up into a must read on my pull-list. If you haven’t read it yet, it is still early, as this is only the third issue. I know there are a lot of Avengers books out there right now, but this one is definitely vaulting up the ladder. Next week is an off-week for Infinity, which I would not have advised. People lose interest during a long hiatus, as we learned with TV shows like Heroes and Lost. But, in two weeks, when we get back to the war on Earth, we will get Thanos, Thane, incursions, and the arrival of the cavalry in the form of main force of Avengers and their alien allies. Take the next week to re-read the cross-over, re-live the action and be ready to buckle up, Infinity is about to touch-down and this will not be a smooth landing!


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