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Thor #1

Writer: Donny Cates
Artist: Nic Klein
Colorist: Matthew Wilson
Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino
Publisher: Marvel
Released: January 1st, 2020
Maturity Rating: T+

Thor #1 is the start of an all-new series that follows our beloved Thor. This is a new version of Thor, with him finally stepping up and becoming King of Asgard. But how will he handle that new weight?


Time For Some Changes in Thor #1

A new creative team at the helm of Thor #1 means that there are some major changes on the way. It’s been a long time since somebody other than Jason Aaron has written Thor’s plot, and it’s safe to say that fans have been curious to see what Donny Cates will bring to the series.

We’ve seen countless variations of Thor; young Thor, Mighty Thor, the king of the future Thor, you name it, it’s happened. That means that Cates had a lot to live up to, and a significant challenge in terms of coming up with something new.

Thanks to the ending of War of the Realms, Thor is now King of Asgard. It’s something he’s always wanted, but you know what they say about achieving your dreams. Sometimes you find out that it isn’t what you wanted all along.

That is the Thor we’re introduced to in this issue, and that is only the beginning of our hero’s troubles. We’ve no doubt that those troubles will double with the days to come. And we’re going to be here to read all about it.


Thor (2020) #1 (Variant) Cover Artist Jen Bartel
Thor (2020) #1 (Variant) Cover Artist Jen Bartel

As I mentioned above, Donny Cates had a lot to live up to with picking up this series. I have no doubt that it was an intimidating prospect, but this one issue has given me so much confidence in the world that Cates is going to present to long-running fans.

Thor #1 was simultaneously everything and nothing like what I expected. It was epic and impressive, bringing an entirely unexpected challenge and danger to Thor. It’s exactly the sort of plot that we’ve been hoping for, in regards to scale. And it’ll be interesting to see Thor in this new set of circumstances.

There was a lot to enjoy about this issue. First, it had a healthy sense of humor (thank you for that moment with Iron Man). It also had an epic quality, as befitting a king and god. There’s also this elegant sense of melancholy that comes with duty and oaths. It’s an inescapable element in this issue, and it was perfection.


Along with a new writer, Thor #1 also brought with it a new artistic team. Nic Klein (artist), Matthew Wilson (colorist), and VC’s Joe Sabino (letterer) have all jumped on board this new and dramatic adventure.

Thor may not age quickly, but there’s a real sense of weight in the ages he carries all of the sudden. This showed so painfully in the way he moved in this issue, which is actually quite impressive when you think about it.

Then there’s the sense of movement in this issue – especially in regards to the way Mjolnir moves around. It was exceptionally done, and something I’m looking forward to seeing more of. The colors helped to enhance all of this, naturally.

Finally, there’s that dramatic transition at the end of this issue (and yes, I am being vague here). Wow. That was not a Thor I was expecting to see. Ever. I’m there for it, and I’m eager to see more of this new version.


Thor #1 was a brilliant and surprising first issue in a new series. It’s clear that the new creative team at the helm has great plans for this beloved hero. What’s better is that they’ve already proven that they’re not afraid to take risks. I for one am very much looking forward to seeing where this plot leads.




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