Thoughts on Daredevil Being Canceled on Netflix

Promo image for Daredevil season 3; Image courtesy of Netflix

Daredevil Ends Its Run on Netflix

I guess the writing should have been on the wall. After Iron Fist and Luke Cage were canceled it should have been obvious that more Marvel Netflix shows would be getting the ax. But, Jessica Jones season 3 is coming and we just had a teaser from The Punisher himself about season 2. Surely after a spectacular season 3 “The Devil of Hells Kitchen” would be staying at home on the streaming service? The gang just got back together; Bullseye was ready to make a bigger impact. My gosh was I excited for a season four! Well, if there is a season 4 of Daredevil now, it will not be on Netflix.

The “OG” Marvel Netflix

Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock in Marvel’s Daredevil; Image courtesy of Netflix

Daredevil was the first Marvel show to premiere on Netflix way back in 2015. I remember being hugely excited for its premiere. Being a Daredevil fan I was ready for one of my favorite heroes to get proper treatment. My wife was not working the Friday it premiered and I remember when I got off work in the afternoon, she had a cup of coffee with some 90% dark chocolate (my preferred after-work treat) and Daredevil season 1 episode 1 ready to go when I got home. Did I mention how cool my wife is? Well, anyway, I was blown away by season 1. I loved every second of it and actually watched it twice!

After the success and praise of season 1, it seemed like Marvel and Netflix had a blooming relationship. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage both seemed to be hits and it looked like we would be getting more heroes in this grittier side of the MCU. Daredevil season 2 came with great fanfare; I once again loved the first part of the story. Having John Bernthal as The Punisher was once again fantastic casting and the interaction between The Punisher and Daredevil was everything I could have ever dreamed of. The second half of Daredevil season 2 did lag a little, but it was still good. It seemed everything was fine and dandy like candy.

“I see a bad moon arising, I see trouble on the way”

Even with a few hiccups (Iron Fist season 1, that second half of Luke Cage season 1), it seemed like the Marvel Netflix partnership was flying high. Daredevil season 3 had some great hype and turned out to be another wonderful 13 episodes. Then the trouble started brewing. First, it was announced that there probably wasn’t going to be another The Defenders series. Nothing too crazy as it was cool but the pacing of that show really didn’t work. Then, Iron Fist was canceled, a little shocking since season 2 seemed to have fixed some problems and the ending had me and a lot of other people super excited for season 3 possibilities.

But still, if one show was getting canceled everyone could have guessed Iron Fist. When Luke Cage was canceled after its second season, that caught some off guard. But still, I kept my hopes up. “Oh, they’re making room for Heroes For Hire!” I repeatedly told myself. “Yes, yes! That has to be why they canceled those two shows!” Guess what: I was wrong.

The Mouse Rules All

Another still of Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock; Image courtesy of Netflix

Again, we should have all known trouble was looming when Disney announced it’s own streaming service. The house of mouse is not known for sharing its property and it was a matter of time before things started disappearing as if Thanos snapped his fingers. As news started to trickle in about Disney producing shows with main movie stars and its own network, Marvel Netflix seemed to dwindle. I would like to hope that maybe Disney will just move the shows over to their network. That seems great, but also a lot of false hope; I just can’t see it happening.

That is sad because, for me, Charlie Cox was perfect casting for Matt Murdock. His voice is now what I hear when I read Daredevil comics. His look, his charm, his grit was just perfect for the character. I have talked about this before but, again, I just don’t think the 13 episode serial platform was the way to go with these shows. Season 1 of Daredevil was the only one that for me really pulled it off (even if it struggled a little). Every other Marvel Netflix show seems to have pacing problems with this format. 


I guess there is no use crying over spilled milk. Daredevil is canceled and is no longer going to be on Netflix. There is a small sliver of hope that it just gets transferred to Disney’s streaming service, but honestly, I don’t think that is going to happen. So, for now, we just have to think of all the good things we got from DD on Netflix. The hallway fights, Vincent D’Onofrio as Kingpin, Avacado’s at law, The Punisher and Daredevil’s rooftop meeting…I could go on and on. I had lots of thoughts of what could happen in season 4 and was extremely excited for possibilities, but I guess that will just have to live in my head for now.

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