Three Dynamite Calendars on Sale in October

A good calendar does not focus on what’s popular. The images inside its pages must be visually appealing to constant viewings. Although there were far more popular titles they could have chosen from, Dynamite Entertainment chose the three are suitable for calendar work.

Frank Cho, the author of well beloved independent comic Liberty Meadows, is known primarily for drawing very well endowed women. His unique style has graced the covers of several well known comic book characters, such as Ultimate Spider-man, Savage Dragon, and Hellboy. His work on Jungle Girl is the focus of this Jungle Girl 2013 calendar.

The Warlords of Mars 2013 calendar is a baffling one. It appears to be capitalizing on the “popularity” of the failed 2012 Disney movie, but it is actually for a long running series from of the same name. Most of the artwork used for this calendar will be used  for this calendar will be from it is on their best pieces

Tolkien Art of the Brother’s Hildebrandt 2013 calendar is a showcase for the best Tolkien Era artwork of Brother Hildebrandt. From 1976-1978, the brother painted images for the Tolkien calendar published by Ballantine Books. Since then, the Brothers have gone onto bigger things and their artwork has been featured on book covers, movie posters, and even Magic: the Gathering cards.

Even though their vision of Middle Earth has been usurped in recent years by Peter Jackson, anyone alive in the latter half of the 20th century will understand how important the Brothers Hildebrandt were to the popular vision of Middle Earth. This calendar will include the best 14 images from those calendars.

All calendars will be available in October. Remember to preorder them right now so you are prepared for 2013.

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