Three New Videos And A Whole Lot Of Oscar Buzz For The Dark Knight Rises

It seems nowadays you can’t go five minutes without being slapped in the face by the latest comic to film adaptation. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all sunshine and roses. For example Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, what a steamy pile of plop! Ghost rider is such a cool premise that you would think it almost impossible to make a bad film from it. But they managed it, and then some. But anyway. Thankfully, Hollywood has significantly stepped up their game and succeeded in bringing the comic book movie to the fore front of both the movie industry and the hearts of fans.

So, with Batman The Dark Knight Rises looking to be the biggest film of the year you would think it was a sure thing come Oscar season. Correct?


I’m not saying this as a cast member. I’m saying this as a member of the Academy. So far, it’s the best film I’ve seen all year. He’s transcended the genre now. I think he’s shown that a comic-book movie can actually be epic, extraordinary cinema.

Well, Anne Hathaway (Catwomen) certainly seems to think so. And she is not alone. The acting talent on show for the latest, and final, outing of the Dark Knight have had their fair share of success in past years with the academy:

Anne Hathaway – Academy award nominee for best actress as Kym in Rachel Getting Married, 2010.

Christian Bale – Won best actor award in 2011 for his role in The Fighter.

Michael Caine – Nominated six times and winning two Academy awards for best supporting actor and is one of the only two actors to be nominated in every decade since the 1960s.

Morgan Freeman – Nominated five times and won best supporting actor in 2005.

Marion Cotillard – Best Actress in the 2007 movie La Vie en rose playing musician Édith Piaf.

Gary Oldman – Nominated in 2012 for best lead actor in Tinker, Sailor, Solider, Spy.

Very impressive to say the least. And with that amount of Academy fire power all behind the same movie it would appear a nomination at least would be a sure thing. But the last of Nolan’s Batman movies, The Dark Knight, was snubbed when the Oscars came round. Although a funny thing happened after the movie was denied it nomination, the rules changed.

The Academy’s been incredibly good to me and my films, and it would be churlish of me to complain. Look, the idea, the fact that people have talked about The Dark Knight as being a key reason why the Academy changed their rules and expanded the field is just a huge honour for the film, in a weird way.

These where Christopher Nolan’s thoughts on a change of rules that happened straight after the movie was overlooked, meaning that up to ten movies could be nominated in the best picture category, as opposed to the five previous. So it would appear that there are no hard feelings between Nolan and the Academy, as he goes on to say:

Really, we’ve been honoured by the Academy in more kinds of different ways, and very importantly to me, Heath Ledger winning the best supporting-actor Oscar. These are things that mean a lot to me.

Nolan does have some Oscar history though, so it’s not as if they don’t know he exists. He was nominated for the screenplays of Inception and Memento and for best-picture as a producer on Inception. So the nominations are there, but surely he would like that Best Director gong?

That would be terrific, but at the end of the day, they owe Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock a lot more than me, you know what I mean? It’s kind of like, get in line.

Yes, of course he would, but he is seemingly remaining ever the modest gentleman about the whole affair. He certainly has the support of his cast:

He takes it seriously and he treats the characters like human beings, not as caricatures, and he treats the world as a real place. He walks that line of delivering you a spectacle but not talking down to you.

High praise indeed, and he should know. This complement comes from Gordon-Levitt, working for the second time with Nolan, the first being Inception, so you would think he would have a good idea about how the guy works. Either that or good old Gordon isn’t stupid and enjoys being in massive films!

Levitt has come a long way from Third Rock from the Sun to play Officer John Blake (Robin???) in The Dark Knight Rises. Blake seems to be looking for the Batman in order to understand the death of his father. Observe:


So, as excitement builds over this hotly anticipated movie, released 20th July 2012, only time will tell if they can nail down any of those Oscars. Fingers crossed!


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