Three Reasons Why Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler Is Great


Popular manga Kakegurui is a series in the monthly Gangan Joker. And while it is already being animated and made into a TV drama, the long-awaited movie version Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler was released worldwide on May 3, 2019. This manga exceeds your expectations about gambling, which isn’t necessarily something someone can get better at. One can gain experience and learn general tactics; rules are simplified so that the majority of viewers could understand them with no trouble. The games are various. Cards do feature fairly heavily; but the anime creates some interesting mash-ups of known games, including chips, memory skills, and pure excitement during the game. The world of Gametwist Online and many other casino games are brought to life through this extraordinary piece of work, now as a live-action film as well.

The Story

Everything starts in a prestigious school, Hyakkaou Private Academy, where the class of students is determined not by academic achievements but by skill in gambling.

Yumeko Jabami is a second-year transfer student who poses as a gentle and naive girl at first glance; but secretly, she is a gambler who plays for the thrill of it. She doesn’t care about the rules or logic. With her remarkable observation skills to see through gambling tricks, she catches the attention of the student council which desperately tries to stop her. Yumeko teams up with a classmate, Ryota Suzui, to challenge the biggest gambling tournament in school history. They look forward to a match with the antagonist of the series, Kirari Momobami, the student council president.

Reason 1: The Cast Recreates the Appearance of the Original Characters!

As you can see from the original Kakegurui comics and anime version, the gap between the characters’ usual personalities and their crazy expressions when the gambling showdown reaches its climax is a big attraction.

When it comes to live-action, expression methods are a little different from anime and original comics. But if you are Minami Hamabe, the actress in the main role, you can play Yumeko, the main character in the live-action version. In fact, if you have Minami Hamabe’s acting ability, could you play all the characters with a strong personality that appear in this work? Such an idea comes to my mind. Her acting dialogue can change the atmosphere easily, drawing you more into the action. Above all, the stunning likeness of Natsume Mito, who plays Runa Yomozuki, can be said to be a casting victory.

Reason 2: This Is an Original Movie Version Story!

Skill in gambling determines all the hierarchical relationships. And at the Hyakkaou Academy, where the student council boasts tremendous power, an anti-student council organization/village advocating “non-gambling” and “disobedience to the student council” has appeared. The screenplay, with a great idea and a plot that doesn’t end there, can only be described as brilliant.

In particular, the movie introduces a new version of the character, Amane Murasame. Murasame was the only man who had a victory over the student council president, Kirari Momobami, who seemed invincible in gambling. The tension of the story continues until the last confrontation.

The script raises doubts about the world view of Kakegurui. The two actors who play the central characters of the Village, Hyo Miyazawa and Haruka Fukuhara’s outstanding acting skills help to develop the unique world of the movie.

Reason 3: Haruka Fukuhara’s Acting Ability Is Too Great!

Three Reasons Why Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler Is GreatThe young actress Haruka Fukuhara, who is still remembered for her childhood roles, finally confronts Minami Hamabe with her acting! Many fans may rush to the theater this time in anticipation of seeing how the two compare.

In this movie, she plays Jueri Arukibi, who is the central figure of the anti-student council organization. Certainly, it is a unique character, and Haruka Fukuhara’s performance is wonderful; she faithfully reproduces the extreme two-sidedness of the character shown in the original comic and the moment when her facial expression and personality changes instantly.


What is particularly important is whether we can understand the unique values of Yumeko, the main character. Yumeko pursues “tension” and “thrill” due to the risk of expensive stakes and losing; we see this often in confrontations with Midari Ikishima.

As I have said so far, the cast members’ performances are stunning. The idea of “anti-gambling”, only found in the movie, is a departure from the previous visuals and original comics. This was a long-awaited movie; it may be a service for the fans of the original comics and drama versions, including the appearance of student council officers and main characters. The performances, reproducing the crazy expressions from the original comics, are too wonderful. So I recommend it with all my strength!

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