‘Throne of Atlantis’ Gets First Trailer; Harvey Dent Joins Gotham

AquamanLast year’s Justice League: War ushered in a new era for DC Animation. Modern character designs and fresh vocal talents accompanied the latest origin of the Justice League to the small screen as the New52 Animated Universe was initiated.

There was one change from the source material, though, in the absence of the King of the Sea, and Justice League founder, Aquaman. Our answer to his absence came in a mid-credit scene at the end of War, in which Orm, aka Oceanmaster, aka Aquaman’s evil brother, stepped out of a sea strewn with dying creatures, due to the attack on earth in the movie, his dead father in his arms.

Enter New52 Throne of Atlantis Story arc. The film isn’t set to be released until early 2015, but DC entertainment gave us our first glimpse of the movie with its first official trailer.

In the trailer we see the underwater city of Atlantis on the verge of starting a war with the surface dwellers, led by Orm. The Queen realizes what is at stake and focusses on finding her other son, Arthur, who is “of both worlds”. On the surface, Batman, not surprisingly, has the same idea, as he also senses the imminent war. In the few glimpses we see of Aquaman, we are given an example of his strength and ability to live on the surface as well as underwater. Towards the end of the trailer the Queen tells him to take his rightful place at the throne of Atlantis while introducing the classical Aquaman armor; he accepts.

There is one scene from the comic, written by Geoff Johns, that I would love to see in the movie. It is probably one of Aquaman’s most iconic scenes in the New52 – a full page during the final battle, drawn by Ivan Reis, of Aquaman holding his trident and claiming “I am your King!”

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis is set to be released on Blu Ray and DVD in early 2015.


In other DC news, Nicholas D’Agosto (Masters of Sex) has joined FOX’s Gotham taking on the role of Harvey Dent, the city’s district attorney whose near-Harvey Dentdeath accident transforms him into the infamous Batman rogue, Two-Face. D’Agosto will join Tommy Lee Jones and Aaron Eckhart as the only three actors to bring the character to live-action drama.

Dent will have a recurring role throughout the rest of the show’s first season with a chance to become a regular for season two.

Gotham airs Mondays at 8pm on FOX.



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