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That Time On Batman #3

Welcome back to Gotham City, and Word of the Nerd‘s irregular feature, That Time On Batman!

Looking at the oddball moments in the adventures of The Batman throughout the different media and continuities, this #ThatTimeOnBatman focuses on the Spirit of the Goat episode of Fox’s Gotham, written by Ben Edlund (creator of The Tick).

In Smallville they were fond of scenes where the vast exterior of Luthor Mansion was shown but the interior action was shot in one drawing-room for budget concerns.  It seems like the same thing is happening in Gotham with stately Wayne Manor, but there might be a plot-driven reason for this…


That Time on Batman "Spirit of the Goat"


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His first comic book was Spidey Super Stories #4 in 1974, his first Star Trek episode was "City On The Edge of Forever" in 1975, his first Doctor Who was "The Visitation" in 1984.

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