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Somewhere, sometime, you are going to have to wait. You could be standing in line for a Disneyland. You may be shuffling your way through customs in an Airport. Alternatively, you can be trapped at a bus stop in the rain. The point is, everyone has a moment wherein they are stuck doing a lot of nothing just to do something. Lucky for us, we live in the wonderful age of technology and entertainment is a click away. On your handy dandy mobile device, there is a prolific library of games ready to make a waste of time a fun time. Here is a list of mobile game time-killers that I use to break up my bouts of ennui.

Million Onion Hotel

Million Onion Hotel - Available on Android or Apple
Million Onion Hotel – Available on Android or iOS

Most of my favorite games tend to be indie games with weird mechanics and stories. Million Onion Hotel fits perfectly into the category. Firstly, this is a game by Onion Games, which says a lot. Onion Games developed Black Bird and their director (Yoshiro Kimura) worked on Chulip. Secondly, the plot involves a hotel run by a mad scientist obsessed with onion-based inventions snowballs very quickly.

Finally, the mechanics are bizarre yet addictive. The game acts as a combo of a puzzler (like Best Fiends) and whack-a-mole. Enemies will pop out the ground.  Then, you tap the enemies until they die.  Each stage has a time limit. Thus, you need to kill a row of enemies in order to receive points, weapons, and extra time. The game runs like an arcade style, making levels brief and easy to pick up/pick down without too much stress. Since the most you can lose is a top score, it’s an excellent time-killer for lines or late arrivals.

Tabi Kaeru (Travel Frog)


Tabi Kaeru Available On iOS
Tabi Kaeru Available On iOS

Tabi Kaeru is developed by Hit Point Co., creator of Neko Atsume. Much like Neko Atsume, Tabi Kaeru is a time-killer that helps you beat waiting with… more waiting.

In the case of Tabi Kaeru, you purchase food or tools to fill a tiny frog’s travel pack. What items you can give determines how far and how long your frog’s journey will be. When the frog returns, he’ll give you adorable pictures of his travels as well as any objects he picked up on the way. Some of these “gifts” can attract new traveling companions and house guests.  All in all, this game is all about seeing new places and collecting new friends.

Unfortunately, this game has not been translated into English. However, there are many guides online to get you started.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is all about building the perfect campsite and inviting your favorite animal friends over.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Available on Android and iOS
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Available on Android and iOS

There are different locations on the map with you can explore. At each location, there are animal neighbors that will have requests for you. Completing their requests helps you collect materials to build furniture. Next, you build this furniture so that your favorite neighbors can stay in your camp. Neighbors that live on your camp can give you gifts (tickets, furniture, etc.). Lastly, if you get really bored, you can befriend, trade, and sell to other human players.
 Animal Crossing is a great time-killer because there is a lot of little things going on. You never really find yourself without anything to do and every task is a brief one.

Reigns/ Reigns: Her Majesty


Reigns: Her Majesty Available on Android, iOS and Steam
Reigns: Her Majesty Available on Android, iOS and Steam

Reigns is a choose-your-adventure novel with a twist. You play as a royal figure (King or Queen depending on the game) tasked with ruling a kingdom. You are presented with a scenario via a card and must swipe left or right to make a choice. Each choice affects your status with the military, church, citizens, or treasury. If any of these traits get too high or too low, you may meet a horrible fate. Thus, balancing these four traits determines how long your current round will last.

All in all, Reigns is a great time-killer because it is a game with short rounds yet long play value. Keeping each trait balanced is hard and most rounds will end quickly. On the other end, your character is in a loop of reincarnation. This means that reigns loosely connect and multiple playthroughs slowly reveal secrets. Reigns is the right amount of short, sweet, and addictive for any occasion.

Your Turn

What are some of your favorite mobile games? Any of them good to pass time? Let us know!


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