Time Warner May Sell DC Comics, Warner Bros.

Rumors Say Time Warner May Give Up Comic Book Properties

Telecom and entertainment company Time Warner seems to be having financial issues. Last November, they agreed to merge with telecom giant AT&T. Worries about telecom mergers as net neutrality is being murdered aside, it looks like this merger may not be successful. The government is suing against the merger using antitrust laws. Their case is based on the belief that AT&T would be able to limit how much of Time Warner’s content gets out. Theoretically, they could do this either by overcharging or refusing to air content. Technically, the government isn’t wrong: AT&T would be able to do that. However, there’s no reason they would want to do such a thing, since they just bought it for a sizeable amount of money.

Time Warner assets DC Comics and Warner Bros
For Sale?

This antitrust prosecution has led to rumors about what might happen if the merger doesn’t succeed. Time Warner is still strapped for cash. When a company is strapped for cash, they generally sell off their assets. Rumor has it that Time Warner may sell Warner Bros. and DC Comics separately. 

Superheroes Looking for a Good Home

Who may buy the rights to DC Comics or Warner Bros. if Time Warner decides that they have to sell them? Well, Apple was also looking to buy Time Warner (because we all know that company’s so small). Apple may decide that they’d rather have the assets than the whole thing. This seems unlikely, because Apple probably wants the telecom capacity of the company. It’s not clear that Apple would have a plan for content companies on those levels. Speaking of horrifying monopolies, it’s also possible that Disney could pick up either company. Disney is also in the process of a merger (with 20th Century Fox), but that looks like it won’t be blocked. This administration seems okay with the biggest media company around picking up more media properties. Maybe Disney will decide to own both Marvel and DC Comics? It boggles the mind. 

What do you think about this possibility? Talk about it in the comments.

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  • I think the govt’s case will be sunk by Trump’s own admission that he really doesn’t want the merger to go forward to punish CNN for being critical of him.

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