Titans Are A Go In 2015

The Teen Titans is one of DC Comics’ biggest brands and has been since the 1980s. The famed run by Marv Wolfman and George Perez is considered to be one of the best runs ever made, and is also the run that turned perennial sidekick Robin, aka Dick Grayson, into solo hero Nightwing. This has inspired two animated versions of the comic, not to mention Young Justice. Not too long ago, there were rumors that a live action version was in the making. Yesterday, Geoff Johns took to Twitter to make this announcement:

Yes, Titans, the live action adaptation of the Teen Titans, will begin shooting next year. Johns, who wrote an acclaimed run on Teen Titans in the 00s, will likely serve as an executive producer, as well as a writer, for the show given his duties as DC’s Chief Creative Officer. Famed screenwriter Akiva Goldsmith will also be executive producer for the show, and will likely serve as show runner as well.

But that’s not all folks, Johns has one more tweet that gets the fans excited:

While Dick Grayson is no stranger to TV or film, this will be the first time ever that his Nightwing persona will be portrayed in live action (Batman and Robin doesn’t count, even with a throwaway line). Nightwing fans (including yours truly) are now eagerly awaiting this debut.

As of right now, we do not know which of the other Titans will be taking their live action bows when the show premieres, but it is certain that numerous fan favorites (including the characters seen Teen Titans Judas Contractin the Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go! cartoons) will appear. As for crossovers, it is possible that Titans could cross over with the planned Supergirl show that CBS has ordered a pilot for, as well as crossovers with Arrow and Flash on TBS’ sister network, The CW. As there have been rumors of a Nightwing appearance on Arrow for a couple of years, that would make plenty of fans excited.

While there has been no official premiere date set, it is likely Titans will leap into action in 2016, perhaps just in time for a little movie called Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Stay tuned to Word of the Nerd as this story develops.






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