Titans Has Found Their Barbara Gordon: Savannah Welch



Savannah Welch Cast As Titans’ Barbara Gordon

It’s official: HBO Max’s show, Titans, has found their Barbara Gordon, and just in time for season three. Let’s all welcome Savannah Welch to the DCU.

Barbara Gordon

Barbara Gordon - Oracle
Arkhamverse – Barbara Gordon – Oracle

Barbara Gordon is a beloved character from the world of DC Comics. Depending on which point in time you’re reading from, she’s either Batgirl or Oracle. Either way, she’s an impressive hero in her own right. And now, she has made her way into the world of Titans.

The timeline for Barbara Gordon has been made very clear. She is not Batgirl, though that doesn’t mean she’s giving up on fighting crime. This is going to be a version of Barbara who has taken on a different role in crime-fighting. Because she’s Commissioner Gordon—that is, commissioner of the GCPD. This will also be post- her encounter with the Joker, meaning that she will be in a wheelchair, as well. To say that her relationships with Wayne and her father are complicated would be…an understatement. 

Speaking of complicated, there’s her whole relationship with Dick Grayson. While the odds are good that their romance will be rekindled for the show, it’s much harder to predict what specific path that will be taking. Regardless of their relationship status, we can count on these two pairing up for the sake of crime-fighting. It’s what they do.

Entering Titans

Savannah Welch - via her website
Savannah Welch – via her website

Savannah Welch’s casting means that Barbara Gordon is finally going to appear in Titans. In season three, in fact. She’s best known for her work in Six (History Channel), Tree of Life, Boyhood, and Casey Jones.

There’s one more important takeaway from Savannah Welch. She gets it. Welch herself is an amputee, and thus, should be able to bring a level of realism to Barbara Gordon’s role. She’s been a loud voice for the disability community since 2016, and here’s hoping her newest role helps to further that.




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