Titans Season 2 Trailer Premieres

Titans, Together (Again)

Titans was the show that launched the DC Universe app. After a rough reaction to the first season’s trailer and the first couple of episodes, it quickly became a fan-favorite show. It has since also launched the fantastic Doom Patrol spinoff series. After a long absence (and an on-set tragedy), Titans is finally coming back for its sophomore season. More heroes, more villains, more questions. Today, DC Comics and DC Universe debuted the trailer for the show’s second season: 

New Heroes

Chief among the new faces to be seen here is Batman himself. Bruce Wayne (Game of ThronesIain Glen). Given the events of the season one finale, it is high time we see more of his relationship with Dick Grayson, and why it fell apart. However, it seems Glen’s Bruce (with a noticeable Scottish burr) will be acting as a sponsor to the Titans.

Another noticeable new face is Garth/Aqualad, played by Drew Van Acker. This hydrokinetic magic-user is Aquaman’s sidekick and an old friend of Robin and Wonder Girl’s. While blond versus his traditional black hair, Garth will be suiting up in a suit reminiscent of his Silver Age costume, with pants, and with some touches of the DCEU Atlantean costuming. 

Blasting out of the season one finale post-credits scene (and STAR Labs) is Superboy, played by Joshua Orpin. Not much is known about his arc yet, but he will don a costume similar to that of the Geoff Johns Teen Titans run. He also will be accompanied by the best boy in all of comics, Krypto.

Finally, we see bits and pieces of Jericho (Chella Man) and Rose Wilson (Chelsea Zang) in the trailer, but only in quick flashes. Rose seems to be losing an eye, true to comic book form, in the show.

Returning Faces

Of course, the main cast of Titans will be returning as well. While we don’t know how the group will ultimately beat Trigon in the season opener (the first episodes of this season were intended for season 1), we do know it will have ramifications. Raven now wears a soul gem on her forehead, like in the comics, in some shots. Will there be an event akin to Justice League vs Teen Titans in how that happens? Starfire, in the meantime, gets a new hairdo and, it seems, more control over her powers. 

Donna Troy will finally be donning a costume in this season. Her suit definitely homages the classic George Perez-designed suit from The New Teen Titans, with elements of the DCEU Wonder Woman costume. Hawk and Dove will be returning as well; as is Jason Todd/Robin, who announces the team with glee and profanity. We don’t see much of Beast Boy in this trailer, but he seems to be gaining more control over his abilities.

As for Dick Grayson, it seems this season will have him moving from Robin to Nightwing, though there is one brief shot of him in a Robin costume in the trailer.

The Ultimate Titans Bad Guy

For the main event, we finally get to meet the DC Universe’s version of Deathstroke. While we have met the character in the Arrowverse (Manu Bennet) and Justice League (Joe Manganiello), this is a new version to bedevil our heroes. The look is straight out of the comics, specifically the early New 52 run with writers Kyle Higgens, Justin Jordan, and (before he rage-quit) Rob Liefeld. Slade Wilson, like Trigon, is a classic villain for the Teen Titans; it will be a treat to see what machinations he may have in store for them.

Titans season 2 streams new episodes weekly on DC Universe starting September 6th.

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