Review – TMNT Ghostbusters II #2

TMNT Ghostbusters II #2

Something Strange in the Neighborhood

After a lackluster first issue, things start to heat up in TMNT Ghostbusters II #2. Darius Dun, a vicious crime lord from the TMNT Universe, is seeking his revenge on Splinter (who is now the leader of the Foot Clan and had Dun killed for not falling under his rule) in the afterlife. (You should really be reading IDW’s ongoing TMNT series; it is incredible!) Dun sends the Collectors (who are demons who capture living beings) to capture the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and keep them forever. He initiated his plan just as the brothers were leaving Dimension X. They were stranded in a type of “limbo” plane of existence, being chased by the Collectors; luckily, Donnie was able to get back in contact with the Ghostbusters to help them get out of this conundrum.


While Donatello and Egon start to try to figure out how to stop the Collectors, the remaining Ghostbusters and TMNT must split up and start to dimension-hop to throw off the Collectors. While this was a good plan, in theory, things start to get hairy as the teams get stranded in odd places where they are not to welcome, and Donatello and Egon struggle to solve the riddle of how to finally stop the Collectors.

The story definitely takes steps in the right direction in TMNT Ghostbusters II #2. Splitting the group up into two’s, one Ghostbuster and one Turtle respectively, is a really good move. It helps the writers give time to each character, and lets the story flow a little better. What I really enjoyed was the Turtles open up about how Splinter being the leader of the Foot Clan and how he is acting has affected them; it is a really good internal look at this crazy thing their family is going through. Now, I am sure if you do not read the ongoing TMNT series and just read Ghostbusters you could care less about this, but for someone like me it was the best part of TMNT Ghostbusters II #2.  It was nice to see the Turtles get a little psychological help from the Ghostbusters.


The story really helped the art change up in TMNT Ghostbusters II #2. Multiple artists on a book is usually not a plus, but when the story involves hopping to different odd dimensions, having different artist is a lot of fun to see how they interpret these worlds. There are some visual gags from the artist in the first few pages that are really great; let’s just say fans of the more cartoony aspects of these characters will love it. Pablo Tunica’s pages are amazing. His odd style really shines in this issue, and man, does his Venkman look weird, but also exactly like a young Bill Murray. It is awesome and creepy at the same time. Tadd Galusha gets some more action-oriented pages that have some great kinetic energy to them. The art team does a really great job and made the story a really fun read just from a visual standpoint.


I enjoyed this issue much more than the last issue of this 5 issue mini-series. TMNT Ghostbusters II #2 delves more into the story of the group and jumps into the heads of the characters. With a variety of artists handling these different dimensions, it was a nice visual treat to see what popped up from page to page. While I am still a little bit on the fence about this series, TMNT Ghostbusters II #2 was a step in the right direction and a pretty fun read.

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