TMNT: Issues# 10 & 11

Hello once again, fellow TMNT fans!

In my effort to play catch up with the reviews of my favorite comic book series, I’m combining the review of two issues in this particular post, so bear with me.

Issue # 10

After nine issues of hinting and foreshadowing (not including the micro-series), we finally come face to face with none other than the Shredder.

This plot point ties in perfectly with the Splinter issue of the Micro-series (which is the starting point of issue 11). The ‘A plot’ of this issue revolves around Splinter and his confrontation with Karai, the Foot and the Shredder–at the end of which, Splinter has revealed to the Shredder that he is the reincarnation of Hamato Yoshi. But it’s not as simple as all that.

It never is, is it?

Before Splinter makes this revelation, he does battle with Karai and another member of the Foot. Suffice to say, tensions run high whenever the story comes back to this particular plot point, and it serves as a good counter-balance for the lighter, ‘B plot’ that revolves around April, Casey, and the turtles.

In the ‘B plot’ of the issue, we continue follow the turtles in their quest to rescue their abducted father, and we also continue to see homage paid to early incarnations in the franchise.

Such as?

The Second Time Around antique shop.

For those of you keeping track, this is the antique shop that belongs to April’s father–the shop she lived above in the first film. As in the first film, this building acts as a temporary shelter (courtesy of April, of course) for the turtles while they contemplate their next move. However, unlike the film, no one lives in the apartments above the shop, so the turtles have free run of the entire building for the length of their short stay. As has been the case in previous issues, Donatello continues to be Leo’s foil.

Issue #11

This issue picks up right where the Splinter issue of the micro-series left off, and once again Splinter has to fight his way through a gauntlet of Foot before he’s able to face off against the Shredder. As tired as he is from this entire ordeal, Splinter nevertheless rises above his weariness and perseveres through all the challenges Saki throws at him and manages to make it to the final battle.

How does the battle end?

We’ll have to wait until the next issue to find out!

In the ‘B plot’ of this issue, Donnie finally stops locking horns with Leo over the idea of reincarnation when he is presented with tangible evidence that it actually occurred, but that’s not all that happens.

We’re presented with Angel and the Purple Dragons…well, a small group of them in any case. This is just another bit of homage that is paid to the ‘old’ parts of the franchise and mixing it in with the ‘new’.

As with the previous issues, those at IDW continue to impress with their work, and do a great credit to the intrepid heroes in a half-shell by capturing the essence of not only the characters, but also of their world. Though I’ve said it before, I’ll say it yet again…

Keep up the good work, IDW!!

Until next time, peace, love and cookies.

Nerd up!

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