TMNT Micro-Series Issue #4: Leonardo

Hello, fellow turtle fans!

Between hubby’s schedule changes at work and my seemingly endless doctor appointments as I approach the end of my pregnancy, I have had very little opportunity to get to the comic book store in order to get my TMNT fix. So I apologize that this review is on the late side, but life gets in the way sometimes and it simply can’t be helped.

Now, then…onto the topic at hand!

In this particular issue of the micro-series that IDW has running alongside the main story thread of the TMNT reboot, the whole concept of the turtles being reincarnated is constantly weaved throughout the pages. Now, while all the issues of the micro-series have been different in their own way (and with the exception of Mikey’s issue, have each tied into the plot of the main comic series in even a little way) the fact that memories from Leo’s past life are constantly flowing through his mind and motivating his actions perhaps ties this issue of the micro-series even tighter to the main series.

In this issue, Leo strikes out on his own in search of information that will hopefully lead to where Splinter has been taken after having been abducted by Hob (TMNT issue #8)–all the while reflecting upon the past life memories that keep popping up in his mind. However, his plans are waylaid when he is besieged upon en mass by the Foot. In true Leonardo fashion, he attempts to take them all on…but also in true Leonardo fashion (whereas Raphael would’ve continued fighting on his own against all odds), he soon realizes that he cannot win the battle without help and attempts to escape in order to retreat and enlist the aid of his brothers.

Naturally, something goes awry, and Leo is soon overpowered.

However, the past life memory of his mother being murdered before his eyes gives Leo the ‘oomph’ that he needs in order to gain the upper hand and send the Foot retreating into the night.

Or so he thought.

As Leo begins to make his way home to tell his brothers what happened, he comes face to face with a lone Foot ninja and they battle. However, it does not take long before Leo realizes that this particular ninja out-matches him by more than leaps and bounds.

Suffice to say, Leo gets his ass (or should I say tail) kicked–in a way that’s reminiscent of the rooftop battle.

But that’s not all…

One panel affords us a close-up of the ninja’s (albeit cowled) face–more importantly his eyes.

Why is this important, you might ask?

Well, if you look back to TMNT issue #5, you will see another panel of a facial close-up for a certain key character with the SAME scar. So I put it to you, my friends…did Leo go up against his family’s life-long enemy?

We’ll know in future issues.

As you could no doubt guess, I was greatly pleased with this issue and thought the story tied in very well with the plot of the main comic series. As with the other issues in the micro-series, the artwork has been different each and every time…and this time around was no exception. Raphael looked as though he could step out of the pages of his issue, Mikey looked boxy (my least favorite style as you might recall), and Donnie was a more cartoon version of Raphael’s realism. Where does Leonardo fit in?

The only way I can describe the way in which the fearless leader was drawn would be…cuddly. Meaning, I took one look at him after cracking the issue open and simply wanted to snuggle him until his head popped off…especially after he had gotten pwned (but that last part could just be my maternal instincts kicking in). I personally didn’t mind Leo being drawn in this way. Let’s face it, he’s always depicted as being stoic and for lack of a better phrase, having a metaphoric stick up his butt. He’s always depicted as the uber ninja out of all his brothers–highly disciplined and perfect at anything dealing with his training. But with him being drawn in this particular way, we the readers were able to see a more vulnerable side of him that never really comes to light.

It’s a simple trick, but it worked.

So with all of that being said, I once again tip my hat to the team at IDW for the way that they’ve written and continued to portray my beloved heroes in a half-shell. Keep up the good work, IDW!

Nerd up!


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