To Boldly Go . . . A Tribute to Leonard Nimoy

To Boldly go . . .

Kirk is my favorite! I said it–Kirk is my favorite, but Spock was my favorite Uncle.  Spock always had Kirk’s back…he was his safety net and he was always there, even for me.  He was the uncle that was there and not there, always at a distance, but very real.  All I had to do was push play.

Leonard Nimoy

In the mid to late seventies (I’m showing my age here), my Father would stay up all night watching Star Trek.  Here in San Antonio, back then, the local TV station, KENS-5, had a block of programming called Star Trek All Night.  I remember my father sitting down at 10:00pm, with beer in hand (or was it Romulan Ale?), watching the news then immediately afterwards, gearing up for his favorite sci fi show…Star Trek.  “Mijo, that guy with the pointy ears…that’s Spock, he’s a science officer.”  I would sit next to him as he would tell me side stories of Kirk and his crew of their many adventures as they sailed across space. My father loved the adventure, the characters, and the relationships they had with one another (and with the beings they encountered).  Kirk was the badass, the risk taker–and Spock was his first officer, his confidant, his true friend.  Star Trek, Star Wars, my father, his enthusiasm and love for these things forged my imagination, my foundation of what it is today…so when I learned about Leonard Nimoy’s death, an emotional and memory filled tide came in.  I lost my uncle (Spock).

Throughout my life, and at a distance, I would read about Leonard Nimoy’s different roles, guest appearances, watching him in all the Star Trek movies, and his voice acting in one of my favorite 80’s animated movies as the voice of the evil Galvatron  in Transformers: THE MOVIE!  “To Cybertron!”

In the 50’s Leonard Nimoy started teaching Acting Classes in Hollywood, then had roles in TV and movies, but of course his role as Spock was what would ultimately define him. He wrote books, poetry, was a photographer, and kept acting in various roles, including Spock until his death at 83 years old.

Mr. Nimoy and Spock were one in the same for me.  As he lived and prospered his entire life, he always seemed to reach out and teach in his own unique way.  That famous hand gesture, he created from his jewish faith.  His books I Am Not Spock to I Am Spock  showed how man is constantly evolving, growing, and accepting of all things human.  How the bonds of friendship can withstand the pressures of time and space.

Leonard Nimoy

But, this is the second time he dies.  As many of us geeks know, Spock died at the end of The Wrath of Khan, sacrificing himself to save the Enterprise and her crew.  Can he come back like in The Search for Spock ? I wish.

I bid you a fond farewell Uncle, Tio Spock.  I know you are now part of the universe that you frequently traveled through. Your life touched many people, especially the lives of my father’s and myself, and I thank you for that!  Hasta La Proxima!  Until next time…

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