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The Latest Featurette for Tolkien Shows Off the Author’s Influence

Fans have been eating up any news about the impending biopic about Tolkien. Considering how popular his writing is still to this day, that isn’t terribly surprising. On the bright side, it does mean that fans will be pleased with the light they’re shining on the man behind the ink.


Tolkien movie poster via IMDb - Fox Searchlight Pictures and 20th Century Fox
Fox Searchlight Pictures and 20th Century Fox

Set to release on May 10th, the biopic about a much-loved author, J.R.R. Tolkien, has been highly anticipated. The teaser and full trailers have been heavily watched, as fans are anxiously awaiting the release. The biopic will have fortunate timing, as a new Lord of the Rings series is due to release on Amazon soon as well.

Nicholas Hoult is going to be playing the man of the hour, J.R.R. Tolkien himself. The supporting cast includes Lily Collins (as Edith Bratt), Patrick Gibson (R.Q. Gilson), and many others.

The Featurette

A featurette was released this week, giving a behind-the-scenes look on the biopic. The featurette puts Tolkien, his life, and his legacy in a wonderful light. The video is slightly over two minutes long, and is worth watching.

The video jumps back and forth between snippets from the biopic, and footage of the two lead actors talking. Hoult and Collins spent their share of the video talking about what Tolkien and his works meant to them, from their first time reading his works, to how they feel about his worlds now.

The juxtaposition between their conversation and the trailer really does a wonderful job of shining a light on the impact Tolkien had on so many of us. I’ve no doubt that fans will enjoy this brief video. And with any luck, it’ll help lessen the pain of the wait. But hey, we’re almost there!.

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