Watch Tommy Wiseau’s Insane Joker Audition

Whether we like it or not, we’re getting a Joker origin film. Even stranger, the film is produced by Martin Scorsese and directed by The Hangover’s Todd Phillips. Jared Leto’s portrayal of the Joker was universally despised by critics and fans. Furthermore, the DCEU is in a bit of a rut. However, there is one unlikely beacon of hope drawing fans together: Tommy Wiseau. The fascinating creator of The Room expressed interest in the role via Twitter and Nerdist helped him put together an unsettling audition tape.

The Room’s Cult Following and Creator

Tommy Wiseau The RoomThe Room isn’t exactly a cultural phenomenon. However, over the last fifteen years, the film is second only to The Rocky Horror Picture Show in terms of cult-like devotion. Last year’s Oscar-nominated film The Disaster Artist explores the making of The Room and the man at the heart of it all, Tommy Wiseau.

Tommy Wiseau is an enigmatic man from New Orleans (despite his Eastern European accent) who wrote and directed The Room. He is the beating heart and soul of the movie’s fandom. By all accounts, he’s a self-made millionaire, and he paid for the entire production himself. Wiseau also shows up to every official midnight screening of The Room and engages in lengthy meet-and-greets with the fans. Also, he sells a ton of The Room themed merchandise, including underwear emblazoned with his face. Wiseau is more comfortable in his own skin than most, and his offbeat charm is his greatest asset.

Tommy Wiseau Dances with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight

When word got out Joaquin Phoenix was in talks to play The Joker in the upcoming Todd Phillips movie, Wiseau had a strong reaction. He retweeted the original article with three simple words: “Todd. DM. Me.” Clearly, the strange auteur wants a shot at The Clown Prince of Crime. Unfortunately, being the director of one of history’s best bad movies doesn’t bring you much Hollywood clout. Fortunately, the good people at Nerdist don’t care.

The folks behind the wonderful Gerseberms gave the internet a horrifying gift when they released Tommy Wiseau’s Joker audition tape. The clip is two minutes of Wiseau’s trademark weirdness. But it’s all the more unsettling when he’s in full Joker costume and make-up. He takes a run at some of The Joker’s most iconic lines across all of Bat-history. It’s not exactly good, but it’s pretty great. Take a look below!

Sure, he’s not the right fit for the dark, gritty DCEU. If Warner Bros. ever decides to take a crack at a new Adam West-inspired Batman, Wiseau should be at the top of their list!

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