10 PC Games You Should Be Playing

Triple-A PC games are great and all, but hidden gems can be found in indie corners. I scoured the internet and found 10 diamonds in the rough worth checking. Enjoy!


Night in the Woods

Don’t let the cutesy art-style fool you. Night in the Woods has a message to convey, and boy does it ever. Players take the role of Mae, a 20-year-old college dropout returning home after two years. Even though this is the place she grew up all her life, things have changed and people with it. The friends she once knew now have jobs and dreams they wish to pursue, while Mae struggles to transition to adulthood.

The game boasts a great atmosphere, superb music, and a story-rich environment. Developed by Infinite Fall, this point-and-click, side-scrolling adventure will have players wondering what it really means to be an adult. 

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is a beautiful game. From the grotesque creatures to the vast, darkened depths of ancient temples, the game wants to be explored. The players take control of the eponymous Knight as they traverse through city ruins in search of answers to a hidden conspiracy. Befriend bizarre bug creatures and battle twisted bosses in the midst of hand-drawn corridors. 

The fantastic art direction and music choices give life to the somber 2D action-adventure. Fans of challenging Metroidvania games will have a field day with Team Cherry’s Hollow Knight

A Hat in Time

Do you miss the days of old-school 3D platformers like Super Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie? Do you love adorably cute things? Gears for Breakfast’s A Hat in Time will keep you endlessly entertained before it kills you with cuteness. Play in the shoes, or hat, of Hat Girl as she searches the world to recover the hourglass-shaped fuel for her spaceship. 

This game is unapologetically adorable in presentation and a great throwback to classic platformers. It also includes co-op play and modding support for those that really want to have fun. 

Rain World

Adult Swim is known for some pretty weird games, but none are so visually intriguing as Videocult’s Rain World. Gamers play as a slugcat, a small creature separated from their family. Your entire quest is to find your family while hunting and being hunted by vicious creatures. Explore ancient ruins as you sneak past predators bent on devouring you in an environment designed to drown everything away.

Rain World returns to the simplicity of 16-bit platformers. Hop, run, and sneak your way through the ruins of society with this game. 

Slime Rancher

Developed by Monomi Park, Slime Rancher is a life simulation game if life involved cuddly slime creatures to raise. You play as Beatrix LeBeau, a plucky young rancher out to make a living as a slime rancher. The game has many different biomes with their own unique slime creature. Beatrix can capture slimes and breed different types together to create even more amazing breeds of slimes. 

The game has a fun exploring aspect as you go hunting for slimes to catch, with secrets laid about here and there. This title will keep a person entertained for quite a while. 

West of Loathing

 Asymmetric’s West of Loathing proves that great games don’t need amazing graphics. Play as a stick figure trying to make it big out in the wild west. Deal with bandits, goblins, and dirty spittoons as you try to seek your fortune. 

West of Loathing’s greatest charm comes from the fantastic humor writing. Every bit of detail, from how characters speak to your own actions, results in a low-key hilarious moment that keeps people entertained long after they turn off the game.

Stardew Valley

Not many indie games gain the admiration of bigger titles they were inspired by. ConcernedApe’s Stardew Valley is the exception. This farming simulation RPG was recognized by Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada as capturing the spirit of his original works better than modern Harvest Moon games.

Trapped in a soul-crushing office job, the player character decides to take over their grandfather’s old farm. Meet townsfolk, raise crops, and learn what it means to live again. 

Oxygen Not Included

Brought to you by the makers of Don’t Starve, Klei Entertainment adds space colonization to their zany works. Oxygen Not Included has you take a bunch of adorably dumb clones, throw them into a hazardous rock and help them survive. The player needs to keep a tight watch on their inhabitants’ basic survival needs while also expanding their base. 

Oxygen Not Included takes the survival simulation genre and adds some hilarious flair with the colonists’ reaction to events. Make sure their needs are met, or else you’ll have a lot of pee you’ll need to clean up. 

The Sexy Brutale

Cavalier Game Studios and Tequila Works really know what makes a game great. The Sexy Brutale is a mystery, puzzle solving adventure game that mixes jazz, masquerade parties, and murder all in one. Awaken in a mansion locked in a time-loop where guests keep getting murdered over and over again. Using your ability to rewind time, you must figure out how to save the patrons and learn why the murders are occurring. But beware, some secrets may be too much to bear. 

This game is a personal favorite of mine. The soundtrack is absolutely phenomenal and will have you sitting in a room just to listen. Sound itself plays a big role. Throughout the game, many events are occurring at once as indicated by an audio cue, however, a first-time player won’t understand what they all mean until the end. It’s a brilliant setup that gives a satisfactory “Ah hah!” moment. 


Subnautica by Unknown Worlds Entertainment takes survival exploration to a whole new level. This game isn’t just gorgeous, it’s breathtaking. After your ship suffers a critical failure, you land in the middle of an alien ocean as the sole survivor. Your job? Escape the planet using only your wits. Surviving becomes infinitely harder with an ocean of alien fauna ready to tear you apart, not to mention a mysterious viral conspiracy lurking in the depths.

Subnautica‘s immersive approach to open-world means that players will want to swim through every nook and cranny of the ocean. The sea life behaves as if they were actual creatures. Sharklike beings will attempt to hunt you down but quickly switch to other, easily capturable food sources. Biomes will house species bred specifically to thrive in that area. The whole world feels like a living, breathing ocean. It is both majestic, and incredibly terrifying for the ill-equipped.

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